July 22, 2012

Katmai Brown Bears - The Travelers

A year ago at this time, we were at Katmai National Park, cavorting with Alaska's brown bears. Oh my, what a memorable experience! 

You probably have wondered about the types of people who travel to such a faraway destination and dare to walk among the bears. Our little tour group was comprised of just everyday folks, looking for a little adventure and willing to capture it all with photographs. Here is a portrait of us taken by the lodge manager. Mr. Jim (with hat and sunglasses) and I are positioned 3rd and 4th in the back row, on the left. Our fearless adventure guide, Eric, is located on the far right in the back row.

Hmm, I don’t recall the name of that hairy fellow standing next to Eric…


  1. Looks like a fun group of people. That tall guy in the back looks like he could use a shave....lol

  2. That's a nice picture of some pretty normal looking people. Here I thought you were all crazy. =D

  3. unforgettable memories captured with beautiful photos!

  4. Has it been a year already (there should be a question mark here, but for some reason I`m getting this É) You know if I wanted that I wouldn`t get it.

  5. That looks like a great group for an adventure. It's fun to meet others that enjoy the same things you do. Aren't you glad we can take lots of photos along the way?!

  6. Neat picture, Donna.. Are you keeping up (email and/or blog) with any of your new friends who traveled with you???

  7. Ha ha! Well, he looks like he's having a good time...whoever he is!

  8. Is the tour guide the tall, furry 'man' in the back row? I loved seeing you and your group - maybe someday my sweetheart and I will follow your footsteps!

  9. I see Mr Jim likes to go incognito. :)

    Great photo!


  10. Hahahaaa...Did you photoshop the hairy guy in??? Or is that where he usually stands?? Love it!!

  11. How fun. I'd do it. We'd be the tall people that always end up in the back row. LOL!


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