August 6, 2012

Ethereal Mountain Mist

On this last trip to Alaska, I wanted to experiment around a bit with my photography. I decided to break out of my standard mode and try taking some scenery images with extreme lighting. The challenges were to successfully capture the feeling of the magical countryside and avoid dreaded sun glares in the images. 

Our boat anchored overnight in protected coves. For the early risers among the travelers, the rugged landscape and morning mist near the water’s edge were a feast for the eyes. As the sun rose in the horizon and broke its rays across serrated tree lines, the light danced and swirled through the foggy mist, caressed by a gentle wind. 

These magical moments only lasted a few scarce minutes. The sanctity of the scenes was profound. We were transported to another world - one filled with quiet, wilderness, and mesmerizing beauty. 

Chichagof Island, Alaska


  1. gorgeous! you can feel the 'quiet' coming off your photo. :)

  2. Forget the photo! I was mesmerized by the words.

  3. oh, donna....stunningly beautiful. and to think you saw it up close and personal....

  4. Absolutely stunning and you described it for us perfectly!

  5. That is just breathtaking, I'm speachless.

  6. all I can think of is "OH WOW" Awesome shot Donna

  7. How beautiful...your photo...and your wonderful words!

  8. Stupendous photo!! The light is awesome in this one. :)

  9. Hello!
    It's so nice to meet and follow a fellow photographer! your black and white photo is reminds me of Ansel Adams work! Gorgeous.

    thanks for sharing.
    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina

  10. Stunning! Reminds me of Ansel Adams.
    You do such beautiful work!
    Have a fab Wednesday :)
    xo, misha

  11. I'd say it was worth it for that one entrancing shot.


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