September 21, 2012

Embossing Fun

I don’t remember how I wandered on the internet and found an embossed label image generator. The discovery was sheer happenstance.

Ah, but this free online tool is so…

If you are old enough to remember the advent of non-electronic label makers, you will recall the Dymo embossers that stamped letters into colorful plastic tape by making raised impressions. It’s “retro” now, and …

Marty tested it out and the verdict is …

So travel on over to this embossed label image generator and …


  1. Super cool! That generator is by There is some really cool stuff on his site.

  2. Oh that is darling, I used to love those! I never had one of my own so if I could get my mitts on one to play with, I made hay while the sun shone! Thanks for the tip and I sure will take advantage!!!

  3. That is really cool. I had one of those label makers back in the day!

  4. Oh how fun. I remember those things. I'm pretty sure we had one.

  5. I loved those things!! That's telling our age tho.


  6. Love it! Thanks for the always. Love your blog!

  7. I'd have labels all over everything! haha. There would have to be an intervention.

  8. I remember playing with a label maker when I was a kid! I think i made labels for school supplies with one.

    While shopping yesterday, I saw a modern day labeler-it's not near as cool as the "vintage" ones!

  9. Not only do I remember them, I still have one! :O)


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