October 15, 2012

Fall is Arriving - Cumberland Gap National Historical Park

The fall colors are beginning to put on a show in our area of the country. The dogwood and sumac leaves are sporting red foliage. Maples and other hardwoods are starting to change into their fall wardrobe. A tinge of yellow is dusting the woods behind our cottage. But we remain about a week or two away from vibrant hues in our valley. So we headed up to hill country this past weekend to witness some transformations underway at higher elevations. 

Our destination? Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, located where three states meet – Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia. In 1775, Daniel Boone blazed a foot trail through a “gap” in the Cumberland Mountains. Modern folks now travel through the mountainside using a tunnel over a mile long, cruising along in comfortable automobiles. We arrived mid-afternoon and drove up the road to Pinnacle Overlook. 

Here’s the view we saw of the town of Harrogate, Tennessee. The campus of Lincoln Memorial University is found here, along with the Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum (highly recommended to visit, if you ever travel this way). The valley shows very early signs of fall, while the hillside below the overlook is already ablaze. 

One of the great scenes from Pinnacle Overlook is the Tri-State Peak, located in the foreground. This westward perspective shows where three states meet – Tennessee to the left, Virginia in the foreground, and Kentucky to the right. 

A rich texture of early color meanders along the top ridgeline. Fern Lake and the Cumberland Mountain range are seen in the distance. 

And a rocky cliff on the Virginia side of the mountains hails the beginning of the 2012 fall foliage season in this area of the country! 

We’ll be venturing out while the colors are changing, so I may be a little bit scarce the next couple of weeks. I hope you are enjoying your outdoor vistas too!


  1. Oh I so miss the changing of leaves. Though our maples do change and fall off, it still isn't the same.
    BEAUTIFUL pictures!

  2. I'm so happy that I can keep right on enjoying autumn color via blogs such as yours. What scrumptious scenes...there's almost a rainbow effect going on along those ridges.

  3. Your beautifully written descriptions are just as enjoyable as the pictures!

  4. Beautiful photos Donna! Love all that Fall color...
    Enjoy all that traveling!

  5. Very beautiful would love to visit this part of the country this time of year.

  6. Wonderfully colorful scenery. Great captures.

  7. oh my goodness - the blues against those colors!

  8. Absolutely breathtaking! Maybe someday I can see it in the fall in person! Until then I'll just enjoy your photos.

  9. so pretty. We have a lot of color around here but I haven't really had too much time to get pictures. It'll all be gone before long

  10. We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful state. It's amazing how beautiful fall is around here. There pictures are gorgeous!!

  11. I love Tennessee in the Autumn. CumberlanD and down in the Smokies. You photo's, as always, are tranquil and beautiful.

  12. I LOVE the photos! You were definitely in the right place to take some great pics. And the colors starting to change made them even more special. Good job!


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