October 1, 2012

October - A Look Ahead

October is here!  It is one of my favorite months. I haven’t fully enjoyed it the past few years because of my consulting work and moving. So the gloves are off now that those commitments are over! We plan to head out on the open road throughout the month for one or two day trips. Maybe three. Who knows? Destinations in Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, Virginia, and North Carolina will all be up for grabs. We’ll hopscotch along, catch some good weather, and visit some scenic areas and fall festivals. “Footloose” is the theme this month! 

The outside projects are all done, including the area fixed up below the deck. We even put a new coat of paint on the garage door hardware last week. Yes, I owe all of you some photos. I am currently waiting for the rain to end and the yard to dry out. Shoo, rain, shoo! I would have taken photos this weekend, but we just had the lawn aerated and overseeded. 

I still have quite a lot of Alaska photos to share with you this month. I’ve taken a break from the Montana photo editing. I’ve got a tad of burnout. So I am concentrating on some photo studies and online tutorials right now. I will also be road testing some new equipment and techniques this month. The learning never ends! But if you’ve been following me for the past couple of years, you’ll see that my diligence is paying off. I’m getting better. 

Mister Jim bought some bigger metal picture frames for his home office, and I helped him hang them up earlier today. Gosh, his new photos look wonderful. He picked out some images he took during from our Montana and Alaska journeys. Now he’s given me the bug to print out and hang some more of my own. We’re running out of empty wall space in this house, but there is some available real estate waiting to be filled in my studio room. Ah, and one thing on my Christmas list this year is a large digital photo frame to strategically put in my home office. Do any of you have recommendations? 

I got just a tiny bit of sewing accomplished last month. My project plans didn’t come to fruition. Oh my. So there will be no promises this month! Greater success through lower expectations, that’s my motto! Thanks to iron pills and rest, I am starting to feel a bit better and recovering some energy. So we’ll see what mischief I’ll get into besides our short traveling jaunts. 

I hope that your month is splendid and colorful!


  1. Greater success through lower expectations is a good motto. Enjoy your adventures. How did you know you needed iron? I'm so extremely tired, I feel like I'm falling apart, yet my blood work comes back o.k.

  2. You're living the dream and no mistake! I know those jaunts -- be they of the one- or two- or three-day variety -- will yield wonderful memories and pictures. Savor every moment!

  3. i know you will thoroughly enjoy your travels during this weather-friendly month. :)

  4. Enjoy your travels! NC is gorgeous this time of the year! Take a drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway. My daughter and her family live in that area. Tennessee is beautiful too!


  5. Hi Donna, I say TRAVEL while you CAN... The older we get, the harder it will become. SO--we plan on doing it also as much as possible!!!!

    Have you all been down into the North GA mountains? The Helen area is beautiful --and there are lots of places to visit and enjoy down there.

    North Carolina is also a favorite of ours --especially around Asheville and the Blue Ridge Parkway. Mt. Mitchell is a neat place. So is the Brevard area.... OH ---so many great places not far from us!!!!


  6. What a motto! You should put that on a graphic and sell it!

    Would love to see that wall of Jim's art work. Any chance of that?

    Enjoy this glorious month of October with your day trips and adventures. It's high time!

  7. Can't wait for more of your Gorgeous photos Donna!
    Glad you're feeling better...!!!!
    I could use some "pep" myself!

  8. Yes. I love that motto!

    I'm glad you are feeling better and sounds like you two have a busy month planned :) Love it ♥ and look forward to hearing about everything!

  9. Fun to travel like that! We have a big bummer because one of the places that we love to travel to in October completely burned up this summer - almost 400,000 acres. Will be a few years before it's beautiful again. But you have fun on your travels. Looking forward the the photos, too. Whenever! I know I don't like feeling chained to the photos at all. :)

  10. Greater success through lower expectations, I'm going to have to keep that one in mind for myself. Glad you are feeling better and I'm sure that all that hopscotching you'll be doing will do wonders for you as well

  11. So happy to know you're feeling better, and hope this month will be all you want and need! :)

  12. I hope you both have a wonderful time and I'll be waiting for the photos! Safe travels and wellness!

  13. I'm glad to hear that you guys are taking advantage of some down time in order to rest! You don't want to overdo it. We look forward to seeing some new photos from your upcoming trips too!


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