January 26, 2013

New Hallway Table and Fabric Hearts

There are no photos to see of pretty landscapes or wildlife in this post! Fair warning: this post is about decorating. So if your eyes glaze over at the very mention of the “decorating” word, then feel free to close this this one out and come back in a couple of days.

We finally did something this week that we have talked about for a quite a while. We went furniture shopping! It’s not an activity that we really enjoy, but it needed to be done. After downsizing and selling a lot of furniture a few short years ago, we don’t need more furniture. However, a few replacements have been on our wish list for some time.

The first order of business was finding a new hallway table. Our current cottage has a very small entry hallway, so the designated spot for a table is limited in size. When we moved, we discovered that the only piece of furniture in our inventory that would fit was a diminutive colonial chest. We got the chest 20 years ago and used it as an end table at our former cottage. It is a lovely piece, but I’ve grown tired of it and it doesn’t quite go with the modern craftsman style of our new home.

I took a few before/after hand-held snapshots for you, and I managed to drive myself bonkers in Photoshop editing by trying to correct weird wide-angle perspectives. Interior photography is clearly not my thing, LOL.

Here’s a front view of the little colonial chest with a glance down the hallway toward the garage, laundry room, and master bedroom area. (Note the fabric hearts resting in the glass bowl. More about those later.)

So now that you’ve been introduced to the “before” setting, here’s the “after” look with our new Mission-style table/bookcase. It fits perfectly and it’s what we’ve had in mind for the space. I went on a scavenger hunt throughout the cottage, selecting accessories from other bookcases. (You can also catch a glimpse in this photo of our dining room.)

And here’s the front view of the table/bookcase, showing the hallway again, along with another peek into the dining room. I disguised the existence of the light cord with the strategic placement of books.

On our shopping trip, we also found a replacement dining room table and chairs. A different set has been on our wish list for quite a while, long before our move two years ago.  The new set will also feature a Mission style and be made by an Amish furniture factory in Ohio. It’s on order and should be delivered sometime in March!

And I didn’t forget about sharing more information about my little fabric hearts! Here is a close-up of the decorated bowl. I sketched out my own heart templates. The base fabric is plain muslin and the top fabrics are two different colors of wool felt, stitched on with size 12 perle cotton thread.

You’re welcome to borrow this idea and stitch some up for yourself! 


  1. Yes, the table with the extra storage for books is darling there. (I also enjoyed the peek into the dining room.) I love to disguise all cords, too, so had to grin with the strategic placement of books. You will show us your new dining room furniture, I hope. Hope that the small chest didn't get the boot and that it is happily doing service elsewhere.

  2. The new table looks great. I just may "borrow" your little heart idea. They are sweet.

  3. Looks great, and love the hearts.

  4. i do sorta glaze over w/ decorating AND sewing posts. but i do like that little table.

  5. I liked the 'before,' but oh yes, I do like the 'after' even better! Very nice and handy. :-)

  6. That is a fine looking table that adds a bit more interest to the space. I like it.

  7. I don't just like it, I love it! You are a great decorator in addition to so many other projects. I wish I had your talent! ;)


  8. I love your new, little table. The chest was nice but the table is just right! I can't wait to see your new dining table and chairs. Your bowl of hearts is nice and I love your heart design. It's inspiring!

  9. I like modern and elegant d├ęcor. In Spain this furniture is called "sinfonier" It's beautiful.
    Have a good weekend.
    a kiss.

  10. I'm horrible at decorating but I love seeing what other people can do. I really liked the before look but that mission style table is gorgeous.
    I really like your hearts too even though I did not need yet another idea for something to make...lol

  11. I like what your decor and the hearts too. Everything you did is very nice. LenZie

  12. I love this beautiful piece of furniture and shelves are so great because you can change things up for a new look from time to time. Your hardwood floors are gorgeous! And these hearts are very sweet. I know I want to make some! I need to sit down and cut some out before the holiday is over! heehee!

  13. Very nice Donna. Love the little bookcase. Very handy.

    Hope I can have a nice tidy little cottage one day! At the moment with the grandchildren, waiting for the very large ex cyclone rain event to pass by...with much rain , flooding, wind gusts in the interim!! We believe the worst will soon be over!

  14. I love your changes and your decorating! I was at an estate sale Friday evening and saw what looked like an old sewing machine drawer with little hearts similar to yours. I loved them, but couldn't bring myself to pay what they were asking. Maybe I should make some burlap hearts!

  15. Your title caught my eye. I'm looking for something similar. You picked the perfect size for the spot! Really does look great, Donna.

    The hearts are so cute! ♥

  16. Loving your blog and so nice to meet you!

  17. For some reason I don't get your email until the next day. Weird. Anyway, I love the new table! The old one was nice and would be really cute all shabby chic(ed) up with some milk or chalk paint and new pulls. Not sure how that would fit in with the rest of your decor though. The hearts are really neat too. I've tried to get into sewing but I must be ADD or something. I don't seem to have the patience for it.

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  19. LOVE the new table and also love the hearts! Giving me ideas for my own entry table!

  20. HI Donna, You are just so creative. I love learning from creative people since it is not ME at all....

    Love the new table --and your home(cottage) looks lovely... I know you are proud of it. Can't wait to see the new dining room table and chairs when they get here.

    Love the little hearts also.

  21. Isn't it amazing what a difference a little change makes!

    Your new bookcase is lovely, and I love those hearts!

  22. I like the new table. It looks very nice there and I love your little hearts.

    I followed over here after reading about you and your blog at Ann's blog.

    I am so glad I did. I love all of you talented people that make these wonderful crafts. I don't sew. It's something I wish I had taken time to learn.

    I do love decorating but we are remodeling and I am waiting.

    I am so pleased Ann highlighted and interviewed you. This has been a pleasure!

    Happy Monday!

  23. Well I LIKE IT!! What a difference it made...
    And your photos are great whether they are inside OR outside!!

  24. Okay see lots and lots of my friends here.
    I am over here from Ann's blog on Monday friends.
    Can't see how I missed you.
    I love your photographs.

  25. I just came over from Ann's. Very nice looking. I'll never make it as far as decor in my house. It's more like "shuffle the piles."

  26. I enjoyed seeing your home. Love the new entry table and look forward to seeing photos of the new dining table when you get it. I have a similar pattern for hearts, but never thought about using a second fabric layered onto it. They're so pretty!

  27. Oooh, thanks for the link. I loved the little the peek at your home too! The "new" table is perfect for that spot. I like it a lot. And, LOVE those hearts too -- very cute!!! Have a wonderful day! ~Sally


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