February 22, 2013

Alaska Trip - Tenakee Springs (Part 1)

It's time to take a break from photos of polar bear country and see some more Alaska scenes!

Among the joys of traveling off the beaten path is our discovery of small towns.  We get to celebrate their unique characters. And a visit to one such town was a special highlight during our trip to Alaska this past summer. It was a typical summer day in that part of the world. Though it was overcast and rainy, we didn’t let the weather damper our spirits. My photos aren’t works of art, thanks to the absence of good light. But they help tell a story about this remote, frontier life.

Welcome to Tenakee Springs!

This fishing community of about 100 hearty souls certainly qualifies for a “tiny” town designation. Despite its size, who would have thought that Tenakee Springs has an informative web site?

Located on the shore of Chichagof Island's Tenakee Inlet, there are only two ways to get here – by floatplane or boat. The ship’s crew transported us via a dib boat.

One of the most prominent features along the waterfront is the Snyder Mercantile building, a town fixture since 1899. (You’ll get to see more of it in a later post.)

This remote community doesn’t receive many visitors, needless to say. Our cruise captain prearranged our visit, and the town’s people knew that we were coming. And, since we were all armed with cameras, we were warned to respect the privacy of the locals. Were there taxis waiting for us as we embarked the dib boat? Heavens, no. We hoofed it on down the only street in town, a dirt-packed one that never sees a vehicle larger than an all-terrain vehicle. Gosh, I’m glad we arrived late enough after breakfast to miss the Monday morning rush hour!

One thing was certain. We didn’t need a map to get around. Just walk in a straight line and enjoy the rustic charm.

(to be continued)


  1. wow. what an existence! it is really beautiful - and the definition of 'quaint' i think...

  2. What a neat little town. I adore the rustic charm.

  3. Very rustic indeed... Colorful, too.

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  4. Oh, okay. That is it? That bench is the school and the chapel? or am I missing something? I usually miss something. lol

  5. So pretty and I love how the colors just pop!

  6. What a neat little fishing town... Loved the rustic-ness....


  7. What a wonderful place to visit! I'm so happy that you took us on your tour.

  8. Rush hour? Oh my. This is a beautiful little town but I don't think I could live there! Well, maybe for about a month...in the Summer!

  9. Wow wow wow... I am loving this part of the journey!

  10. Donna - I love visiting Tenakee Springs! I hope you had a chance to visit St. Francis Chapel while you were there - it has to be one of the tiniest churches in the world!

  11. My "other Alaska friend" took photos of this same place, I believe! I just sent her your link. :)

  12. How lovely Donna...what an experience..delightful!

  13. I love to see little places like this - the out-of-the way, ordinary-daily-life places of our world. I'll be back to learn more about your time there. By the way, we decided since we can't go to Alaska now we will PLAN our trip - what we want to see and do - for someday! We are watching programs and collecting brochures and reading blogs and talking to friends - and planning and dreaming and waiting for the day we can head north! Thank you for the inspiration to one of these days make our dream come true, dear friend.

  14. The thing I noticed when I landed in Alaska for the first time was the flowers. Could not get enough of them. Such a pretty village.

  15. Where's the WalMart???Hahaaaa...LOVE your photos Donna but don't EVER say, "It's time to take a break from photos of polar bear country"......SACRILEGE!Hahahahaaa......
    You know I Love meh some Bears!!


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