March 29, 2013

It's Daffodil Season!

The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come…
~ Song of Solomon 2:12 ~

I look forward to springtime each year, but extra special enthusiasm is reserved for beloved daffodil blooms. I fondly call these cheerful flowers “daffies.”

We have a wee amount of space devoted to flowerbeds here at our downsized cottage, but there is enough room to include several dozen bulbs. We picked out several varieties that bloom at different periods and planted them in 2010, our first fall here. For the past three years, we have been rewarded with daffies cheering our winter weary spirits.

The first bloom of the season was an overachiever, making an appearance on February 19! (I believe that is a personal record.) New flowers have faithfully appeared since that time and more will unfurl for a couple more weeks. We don’t have a huge quantity of blooms. So I cut just a few for little vases on the front hall and kitchen tables and leave some outside to greet any passerby.

The handsome one pictured above is sitting next to my computer, providing me with an abundance of smiles as remuneration for my admiration. You can be assured that no lighting fixtures were abused or harmed in the capture of the image. I staged the shot next to my office window, taking advantage of late afternoon sunshine to provide a natural backlit glow. To supplement Mother Nature, a reflector bounced light back into the bloom. Photoshop editing provided considerable assistance too.

May you find the wonder and joy of this magical spring season, my friends.


  1. A beauty it is, too! My poor little daffies have just come back out from under the snowbank. I think they're lost, but who knows? Perhaps they'll surprise me yet with their tenacity. A wonderful Easter weekend to you and Jim!

  2. Beautiful! Mine are only about a inch tall right now! Poor things are struggling!!

  3. That is a stunning photo! I love daffodils too but mine are still stubbly at about 5 inches and they have been thawed and frozen so much I don't know how they'll do. However, the crocus bloomed yesterday! Happy Easter to you Donna. Blessings, Pamela

  4. Two words......PLUMB GORGEOUS!!!

  5. That is a beautiful bloom. I haven't seen any daffodils around here yet except for in the stores

  6. Absolutely Perfect!!!
    It screams...Spring!!!

  7. Beautiful , Donna... I think we have that same Daffie here. We too have several different varieties and love them...

    Happy Easter.

  8. That is a particularly pretty one.

  9. I share your love for daffies! I know spring is coming soon, when I see the first daffodils of the year and they sure do cheer me up. Sadly, ours are all gone for this year though.

  10. Great job helping M. Nature out with the glowing light! Love it.


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