July 8, 2013

A Personal Photo Challenge - Reminder

The monthly photo challenge is coming up this Saturday, July 13, on my other blog! “Birds” is the theme. Please click on the photo link below for details and instructions. The linkup gadget will be available starting on Friday, July 12, in case you need to publish your challenge post a day early.

I hope you will be able to participate!

1 comment:

  1. You know, this is not going well for me. I have tried and tried and tried to find a bird willing to pose. It's not easy. Would a squirrel work just as well?

    Thought you and Mr. Cottage Days might get something of a kick out of knowing that Sam, my arm-breaking grandson, broke said arm while trying to take a picture of his brother. That's right! Sam was in the top bunk; his little brother was in the bottom bunk way back in a corner playing cars. Sam had to lean precariously out over his bed with his little camera to his little eye when the tipping point was sadly reached and out he came. Perhaps he'll become a famous photographer one day! =D


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