December 7, 2013

A Personal Photo Challenge - Reminder

The monthly photo challenge will be next Saturday, December 14, on my other blog! “Let There Be Light” is the theme. Please click on the photo link below for details and instructions. The linkup gadget will be available on Friday, December 13, in case you wish to publish your challenge post a day early.

I'm looking forward to your participation!


  1. Oh I have been working on it. Can you tell? No? Hmmm...back to the tripod.

    A relaxed and blessed weekend to you...

  2. I think our perspectives on all the current news coverage is similar. I saw your comment on 'A Haven For Vee'. I may have no followers after my comment today. :-( You'll still be my friend, right?

    I'll check out your photo challenge! :-)

  3. Will check it out, and hopefully be able to participate.

  4. Hmm, I haven't even thought about it yet, guess I better get a move on!

  5. A perfect theme for the Christmas season.
    Wishing you and Jim good health and much happiness.

  6. Oh, thank you Donna! Life is a bit too crazy this month. January should be much better, but I shall post as often as I can in December. Thank you for your understanding.

  7. hum, I thought I had made a comment but I guess it got deleted when I left in haste. I came back to check and I don't see it.

    Thank you Donna for your fun expressions of friendship to me. Life will get better soon, it is just too hectic lately. lol


Marty, here! Donna loves comments, and I faithfully pass them on to her. Thank you so much for visiting!