May 5, 2014

May - A Look Ahead

This month will be similar to the last month. Cancer continues to rule our world. Also, my self-imposed blogging slowdown remains in force. Real life gets priority over an Internet life. No question about it. I note that I’ve lost a couple of followers lately. If some people are impatient and annoyed that I'm not posting often enough for their entertainment, then it is best that they move on. Just saying…

Mr. Jim’s chemotherapy treatments continue throughout May. Extreme fatigue and breathing problems are the major issues causing us concern at the present time. Other health issues are manageable. Please continue to keep him in your prayers. Thank you so much for the cheerful and thoughtful e-mails and cards that you have sent us. We appreciate it more than you can ever know.

I have some medical appointments this month as well, including my annual physical. They are all scheduled to cause the least amount of impact on Mr. Jim’s treatments, of course.

In between taking care of Mr. Jim’s needs, I am gradually getting caught up with household chores and landscaping projects. The landscaping contractor has been called back to replace the new maple tree that failed to leaf out. It should be replaced soon. I’ve got another contractor lined up this week to clean the cottage windows (inside and out), clean out the gutters, and pressure wash the front porch, walkway, and driveway. Completion of that big chunk of work will be worth every penny.

The photo challenge is coming up this weekend, and I will be scrambling to participate in this enterprise of my own making. Like Elvis, creativity has left the building. I rarely have time to work on post-processing now. Forget about going out and about to take new photos. It’s just not going to happen. Believe me, I would have never taken on the commitment early last year for these monthly photo challenges if I knew how drastically our lives would change just a few short months later. Let’s hope that I can sustain enough effort to keep the challenges going!

The heating system for our cottage is now getting a rest and the air conditioning system is taking over. Lovely warm temperatures have arrived, trees are decked out in their emerald finery, birds are busy building nests, and colorful flowers are blossoming. Spring has arrived in all of its glory! I hope that you relish the changing season with abandon and joyfully notice the everyday miracles in your life.


  1. i know you must be exhausted and stretched mentally and physically. i don't think you should worry about posting or even participating in your own challenge if you don't have an archive photo to 'fit' the theme. you have a full plate and are giving your energy to where it belongs. bless you.

  2. hi Donna!
    Just happened to see your post pop up and had to read it right now. I wish you and Jim the very best for this month and that the damnable cancer can get out and Jim will turn the corner. For the life of me I am not remembering what type of cancer he has. Sorry to not have that in my thinking cap. I survived my first week of chemo and I thought the forth night in I was for sure perishing. I spoke with an on-call Dr the other night and she assured me that was my climax and that I'll probably have one of those events per each of my 5 other chemos. Cancer is such an odd disease, an odd nature in our lives. I am so grateful you strongly suggested to me getting into a purely cancer hospital. Oh man, it has been like day and night, but more like a bright sun-shiney warm DAY compared to a dark, rain-storming, crackling thunder NIGHT. Huntsman has been so awesome and I love all of my techs, nurses and doctors. I pray for you and Jim every night. God hears all prayers! God will bless Jim, he will. I can feel it! ♥, Renae

  3. Love and gentle hugs to you both as you continue to fight your battles head on with courage and determination. I hope the colors of spring and the warmer temps will add a little cheer to your lives.

  4. You are so right, there are miracles going on around us every day. And I will be praying for a special one in your life, Donna, as you and Mr. Jim tackle this difficult sand exhausting time. Many blessings.

  5. I'm sorry to hear you are so exhausted, hopefully one of those miracles we see everyday will be Mr. Jim's return to good health. wishing you both the very best. Love hearing from you even if it's only once a month. Keep well and try to take some time to enjoy those brief moments of spring around you, I know it must be very hard. Sending you a big hug.

  6. We would all understand if you took a break from the photo challenges. Life has become a challenge and most of us know how that is, too. I'm keeping you both in my prayers. Will pray specifically about the breathing problems and fatigue. God bless you both my friend! Sweet hugs, Diane

  7. Donna, you have so much on your plate right now. Take care of yourself and don't worry about trying to do a post for this month's challenge....we will all understand. I'll be here and will continue to follow you no matter how much or little you post. God bless you, and Mr. Jim especially, as he struggles with this illness. Sending love an drugs to you both. Pam

  8. Absolutely, "real life gets priority over an Internet life"!! Why should it be any other way? You just keep on doing the important things. I continue to pray for Jim and for you, my friend.

    Thanks for taking the time to pop in with an update...

  9. My prayers continue, of course, Donna. And, yes indeed miracles do happen. Take care of you & Jim and don't worry a fig about the blog.


  10. Donna, I agree with the rest. I have recently just joined the challenge and at that time also read about your husband's health concerns. My prayers go out to you and your hubby and we do serve a God who can heal! You do what you need to do to be there for your family...God bless!

  11. Donna
    We're praying for a miracle here as well for Mr. Jim.
    Please don't worry about posting. We all understand
    that you are busy with much more important matters right now.
    Shame on anyone who has dropped you!

  12. My prayers and love are with Mr. Jim and YOU.

    Please say a prayer for me on Thursday for my surgery. Thanks.

  13. I've sat here trying to think of just the right thing to say and I've typed and retyped my comment several times already. So I give up and will leave you with prayers and hugs.

  14. I'm sorry Donna for all you guys are going through. Life seems so unfair sometimes! Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  15. Donna dear, we still think about you and Mr. Jim, talk about you daily, and keep the two of you in our prayers…….even when you are unable to be here posting. I'm sad Jim has difficulty breathing therefore causing the exhaustion I would think. Both of you need plenty of time to relax - I'm glad to know you have been getting help around the house/garden etc.

    So dear, don't fret over not being able to take new photos - I know you love doing that and then 'playing' with them to show us your amazing expertise with the camera and computer - we can wait until you have more time. Meanwhile, please, if possible, keep the challenge going - I love it as do many others - and we don't mind if you can't participate with your own entry or leaving comments, we can still keep it going perhaps if you can do the linky bit each month!

    Sending good wishes - know the lovely weather is helpful when it comes to lifting spirits and staying positive in thought - tell Jim we send hugs and love.

    Take care dear friend - love to you, along with prayers, many of them, said quietly and often.
    Mary xx

  16. Dear Donna,
    I'll echo Mary's and the other comments above - If you need to step out entirely for awhile, we'll all understand. You have so much on your mind and on your to-do list these days. I think of you and Mr. Jim frequently and pray for healing, comfort and peace as you walk this difficult road.

    Cancer. What a dreadful word. BEGONE!

  17. Hope the sun that's shining warms you and rejuvenates you...I am praying for Jim bufor you too,The carers part in a cancer journey is a tough position to have too...I do hope Jim can get some comfort and rest...An hour at a time Miz Donna...And somedays when that's all too much a minute at a time...hope my card arrives your faraway friend xx

  18. I haven't been home much lately and had little time for visiting. I see the daily grind continues, and I am of a mind too that you could certainly give our monthly photo challenge some time off if you want. You put a lot of effort into it and we would understand.
    Thinking of both of you. xx

  19. Hello dear Donna

    I keep both you and Mr Jim in my prayers each day and hope for better days ahead for both of you.
    Whatever you do or don't do, you must know by now that you have a core group of followers and friends out here who just want what is best for you.
    None of us expect you to put up your challenge each month, so you do what is best for you Donna - we will carry on supporting you anyway.
    Take care and I'm sending you a big comforting virtual hug.
    Shane xox
    ps I've just posted my May Photo Challenge!

  20. You both are in my thoughts.


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