July 17, 2014

App Mini-Review: Circular

Now that I have an iPhone to complement my iPad, I have been delving into the world of interesting and fun apps, particularly those related to photography. At first, I limited myself to only those that were free. However, I have loosened up the purse strings lately and allowed myself to periodically buy a few for amusement. Hey, it’s not like we’re talking big bucks here!

One of the apps that has been on my wish list has been Circular. It creates "tiny planets" from landscape photos. I can do this type of conversion with the big Photoshop program. But, it is oh-so-sweet to make the magic happen easily on an app. The app’s cost has been in the neighborhood of $1.99 for a while. But I saw that it was a free download today, so I grabbed it up!

Here is an informational video from the developer.

I tested it out on one of the panoramas I recently captured via the iPhone.

The controls were easy to understand and use. In no time at all, I created this image using the Circular app on my iPad. For embellishment, I added a helio lens flare effect and a magenta filter.

Now, is that cool or what?!


  1. hope you're doing well from surgery; keeping you in thoughts and prayers.

  2. That is crazy COOL! I'll have to check the free apps today! I would love to have this one! Hugs, Diane

  3. Anything that keeps you playing! What would you call that second photo? When I can no longer understand what I'm seeing, I start having focal troubles. True. Spin me around three times and she gone. Say, if you see any great apps for kids on your travels...

  4. Thanks Donna! I've had my iphone for just over a week - downloaded circular today!!!
    A whole new world is opening up to me! I'll have time to play in the weekend.

  5. Very cool! Circular looks like fun!

  6. LOVE my IPhone and IPad...love how they sinc so easily! With Everything!
    Love that you are having a bit of fun girlfriend!

  7. I love it! I actually learned how to make these on YouTube using Gimp. It has been a while and I would need to start all over since I am sure I have forgotten by now! Leave it to Apple to make that app! Since I don't have either one, I need to do it the hard way...lol!

  8. oh that is cool. I want an iPad

  9. Oh Donna, that is SO cool. I think I'm going to have to break down and treat myself to an Ipad. Thats one spectacular photo, both "before AND after"...

  10. That really IS cool!

    And, may I just add here: I don't know nothin' about those "I" things! Nothin'!!


  11. That's amazing and could be another thing to keep us busy, too busy perhaps!!!! All this modern technology is way over my head - I just want to be an old fashioned gal again - excuse me dear one, off to search for that old Kodak box camera, haha!

    Have a good weekend - Mary XX

  12. Hi!! I just downloaded that app. It looks like fun.
    Another free app you might like is "lightning cam"
    I hope all is well with you. I am starting to get back to normal.

  13. Okay, I'm a droid user and am feeling a little jealous over these apps, this one and waterlogue. So cool! Have fun. (And not too jealous, just a tad. Lol)


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