August 3, 2014

A Personal Photo Challenge - Reminder

The monthly photo challenge will be Saturday, August 9, on my other blog! “Animals” is the theme. Please click on the photo link below for details and instructions. The linkup gadget will be available on Friday, August 8, in case you wish to publish your challenge post a day early.

I’m looking forward to your participation!

P.S. Photos of birds are permissible. They are classified as animals with feathers.


  1. I was just over on the photo blog to look at the date again. I have to find an animal pronto! haha! Unless a bird counts. These challenges are definitely getting harder for me! I know....I have a lot to learn! Enjoy your Sunday my friend! Hugs, Diane

  2. Seeing as how there is an animal in my life, I may just have to join in. :)


  3. I am so sorry that I didn't see this post until I already had today's post up. :-((( Animals are such a nice bonus in life. Tuppence always has to give a little hiss when she walks past one of the dogs, though. LOL

  4. Well, I guess I will start with my own two animals :)

  5. I hope to participate, though there'll be no new photos. Dogs are not my favorite people. LOL! Fioré is not looking her finest these days and there are no local zoos and birds are impossible. This is a serious attempt to lower expectations. =D


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