October 7, 2015

Photo of the Week - Fall Arrival at the Tetons

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Is it Wednesday already? I am presently very busy with chores, errands, and church activities. There simply are not enough hours in a day. Yep, I'm paying the price for going off on yet another photo tour. It was worth it!

I visited the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks last week, viewing spectacular fall colors, exquisite scenery, and exciting wildlife. This was one of the tours that Mr. Jim and I had planned to take together, but we had to cancel due to his declining health.  

It was bittersweet to do the trip on my own. However, I had a good time and made a couple of new, dear friends on the tour. I'm glad that I went. I was able to visit the Tetons this past May, but I had not seen Yellowstone since I was in college, well over 40 years ago. The facilities have changed significantly since that time!

I am still in the process of downloading image files on to my desktop computer. So stay tuned for more photos posted here in the weeks ahead.


  1. OH how beautiful...so glad you could make the trip and made new friends, too!

  2. I love hearing about you being busy and making friends! Good for you, Donna!

    When I saw the title of your post, I knew this photo would be gorgeous and I was right! So beautiful!


  3. Beautiful! Glad you had a good time and can't wait to see the pictures!

  4. Your voice sounds happier! I'm so glad you are getting out and doing what you love. Beautiful photo as always! xoxo

  5. So pretty!
    I feel SO happy that you made new friends, and went on the trip. It was something that Jim would have wanted for you. xoxo

  6. I am so glad you went and had a wonderful time. Love your photo.

  7. Another stunner of a photo. Those colors are amazing. I'm so glad you had a good time. New friends are a very good thing!

  8. Fall is such a colorful time of year and your photo shows it off with splendor! So glad you went on your trip but the best part is making new, dear friends. Can't wait to see more!

  9. I love the golds of the aspen trees against the backdrop of the mountains. The tree line almost follows the mountain ridge! I'm happy for you that you did the trip and met some new friends too. Sending warm wishes and hugs.

  10. Glad you went and glad you enjoyed it. We went west last week for two memorial services for our son. Fabulous pictures you've been posting. I look forward to seeing more.

  11. I've been absent for a while but I see you've been Busy! Love it!
    Love also all the photos! Nobody takes a shot like you do...beautiful!


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