December 16, 2015

Photo of the Week - Moulton Barn's Fall Season

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

A highlight of my spring and fall trips out to the Grand Teton National Park was a visit to the famous Thomas A. Moulton barn. I would hazard an easy guess that it is the most photographed barn in the world. I didn’t know about its existence when I vacationed at the park during my college years. Ah, but I know about it now and can respectfully capture its image!

The brilliant autumn gold leaves of the cottonwood trees were at their peak in late September. The backdrop of the majestic Teton mountain range adds to a setting that simply takes your breath away. The barn is over 100 years old and recently received some extensive restorations to help preserve its rustic charm. You can read more about its history HERE. And don't forget to click on the above photo to see it bigger!


  1. And your picture is the best i've seen of that famous barn!

  2. Fabulous Donna - I can see this one framed and hanging somewhere special. Don't know what it is about country barns - we all love them. They seem to have a mystery about them, making one want to know more of the history and the farm families who constructed them.

    Sending love and wishes for a peaceful and beautiful Christmas - may the coming year be full of special blessings as you take more photos to share with us.

    Mary x

  3. Absolutely gorgeous Donna. I feel like I could walk right out there. I love old barns! xoxo

  4. Just stunning! Hope you are doing well, Donna :)

  5. It looks so three dimensional...I could reach in and grab a leaf. Interesting history. I call that style of barn a "Texas barn," but there must be a real name for them. We have one in town, but we do not see many of that style in my corner. I also like the perspective of your photo. Don't see many photos of this barn from your perspective.

  6. Gorgeous. This one belongs in a frame.

  7. What an amazing photo...the humble barn juxtaposed against the majestic mountain background. It is stunning!!

    I have been thinking about you, knowing that it must be an especially difficult season for you this year. And of course when I think of you, I pray for you. Hugs...

  8. I've seen photos of that barn, but didn't know it was quite so famous. Your photo is one of the best - such wonderfully saturated colours.
    Like Cheryl, you've been on my mind and in my prayers during this season. Blessings...

  9. Wow - I love old barns and that's a beauty for sure. Great photo, Donna.


  10. Your edits make it look SO storybookish! Love it!
    Sweet weekend to you!

  11. Photo very beautiful!
    These last days have been a lot of work and bustle here. My visits to your blog were quick and, for the most part, silent.
    I intend to take advantage of these days to withdraw revise calmly friends.
    I could not help but write to you desiring, much health and happiness in 2016.
    Happy and holy Christmas to you!
    A warm hug!

  12. You know my love for old barns and anything rustic and your photography is always fabulous! I've been looking through your beautiful pictures and blog tonight, for the first time in way too long and just had to comment on this one! Love it!


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