August 31, 2016

Photo of the Week - Riverbank View of Teton Range

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Question: What do you do when your raft pushes off from the shore, starting a trip down the Snake River, and it starts to rain?

Answer: Bundle up and shoot like crazy because you have an awesome view!

(P.S. Don't forget to click the image to see it bigger!)


  1. oh wow, that is an awesome view. Beautiful photo

  2. It is incredible. It looks cold.

  3. That beautiful autumn season is coming around again! Gorgeous photo.

  4. Wow! You took a raft trip to get this shot? You are the adventurer! Beautiful photo, Donna xoxox

  5. great advice for life in general and beautiful photo!

  6. p.s. just found C. J. Box and his novels re. Joe Pickett, WY Game Warden...fabulous books and highly recommended! I've decided to go to Yellowstone next year...been once but it's been a long while and time to re-visit.

  7. A True Adventurer! Love the shot Donna!!
    The colors are gorgeous!


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