July 19, 2008

Glen Canyon Float Trip

It is overdue for another chapter in our Southwest USA adventure! Up next is the glorious float trip down the Colorado River. We enjoyed a peaceful 15-mile journey that started at the base of the Glen Canyon Dam and ended at Lees Ferry, Arizona. It was not a whitewater trip, involving screaming or wet underwear! We’ll leave such fearful voyages to others.

After traveling through the long and spooky tunnel to the base of the dam, we walked down to large, motorized pontoon rafts. We quickly departed and were soon staring upward at the vast sandstone cliffs and soaking in the amazing scenery. We could not have asked for better weather. Our river guide provided a lot of information about geology and Major John Wesley Powell’s exploration history. Quite frankly, I was more “in the moment” of enjoying the serene rafting experience, waving at friends in another raft, watching the fishermen, and taking some pictures.

beautiful sandstone walls surround us on both sides
what a beautiful day for a float trip!
if these sandstone hills could talk, imagine the tales they could tell
we're getting ready to land!
I'm waving back at you, Mary Etta!
We made a landing about halfway through the trip, and walked up a short trail to see some marvelous petroglyphs. The carvings were so primitive and precious!

I'm not quite sure what kind of animal this is supposed to be!
primitive man, getting ready to boogie
I adore this conga line of antelopes!
After our brief stop, we continued on to the famous “Horseshoe Bend” area of the river. (Do a Google search for images taken from the bend’s overlook.) It is a popular place to take pictures from the canyon rim, but we had the unique opportunity to enjoy it at the bottom.

the rock cliffs on the inside loop of the famous Horseshoe Bend
The landscape started to change dramatically as we approached historic Lees Ferry. As we left our rafts, we saw others getting ready for their whitewater trip down to Grand Canyon. No, thank you! I would rather have a peaceful rafting trip any day!

erosion and time have reduced the cliffs to sandy mounds
brave adventurers, ready for a whitewater trip downstream through the Grand Canyon
I hope you enjoyed this little jaunt! There are only two more chapters to go, so you will have to check back later for more incredible scenes. The next adventure will be Bryce Canyon National Park!


  1. WoWWW!!lolol...I Love the petroglyphs!!! I could stare at them all night! Imagine...Who put them there...how they did it...who they thought would find them..All I can say is WoW...hahahaha...Night sugar!!hughugs

  2. Aren't those super cool!? There were several more carvings, but these were my favorites. It is an ancient Indian site that has been preserved over the years.

  3. You have such an exciting life! You are truly blessed! And you take gorgeous pics!!

  4. I am a petroglyph hunter. I love them! I dont know what your schedule is, but as you go east into Utah you should check out "newspaper rock" and the Moab area.

    If you stop, wave at us, we are right over the state line into Colorado!

  5. Hey, Deb! Yes, we are lucky indeed so see such beautiful sights. We're trying to pack in the trips while we can still have fun. Hubby is a retired professional photographer, so I have to work hard to keep up with his beautiful pictures, LOL!

  6. Hi, Tonjia! These petroglyphs can only be reached if you take a boat trip on the Colorado River. There are several other pictures we took, and I may post some more. We'll be on a tour this September out in your neck of the woods. I hope that the tour will take us to see more of these magical works of art! Thanks for the info and I'll do some research. I will certainly wave, LOL!

  7. Wow, what beautiful scenery! It sounds like a wonderful adventure.

  8. Those pictures are awesome. It looks like you had a blast. Can't wait to see more. Thank you for your kind comment on my hubbies blog. Every one is an encouragement. I'm ready to read your next chapter lol.

  9. Thank you, Karen! It was so peaceful to float along and soak up the scenery. Moments like that last a long, long time.

  10. I appreciate your kind word too, Kim. We all need encouragement! We may be adults, but the kids within us long for others to clap and root for us along our personal journeys.

    I bet start working on the next chapter soon, huh?!


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