October 11, 2008

"The Five Tag"

Beware!  When the flying monkey lands on your shoulder, it could turn you into a 1940s bathing beauty!

My good friend Kim at Homesteaders Heart just tagged me! I’ll get even, Kim! Be looking for the flying monkeys to arrive any minute now! Hahaha!

The rules of this tag are to list 5 things about these 5 things that are about me. And, then I have to “tag” 5 people. (Oh no, I bet I will have to set some extra places at the dinner table for the flying monkeys that will end up at my doorstep too!) Kim said this wasn’t hard. Yes, it was! I had to bruise my poor little noggin’ trying to answer these questions! And, I am still trying to understand why there are SIX groups of 5 questions! I suspect that “The Five Tag” got warped while it was zipping through the blog-o-sphere.

10 Years Ago:

1. My hubby and I had been together 17 years.
2. I had been an environmental auditor for 10 years and was looking for a different job.
3. I was saving like mad so I could retire early. (Mission accomplished - yeah!)
4. I was enjoying a lovely vacation with my hubby to Port Townsend, Seattle, and Victoria.
5. I was doing projects around our 6-year old homestead.

5 Things on Today’s “To-Do” List:

1. Complete this listing and get it posted!
2. Catch up on the laundry.
3. Run a shopping errand.
4. Watch a little of the football game on TV between UT and whoever, LOL.
5. Breathe slowly into a brown paper bag when I do my weekly check of the investment portfolio.

5 Snacks I Enjoy:

1. Pretzels
2. Nuts
3. Chocolate!
4. Diet root beer
5. Frozen grapes

5 Things I Would Do If I Were Millionaire:

1. The same things I do now!
2. Travel
3. Clip coupons and buy things on sale
4. Contribute to my favorite charities (Salvation Army, Paws with a Cause, St. Jude Medical Center)
5. Breathe slowly into a brown paper bag when I do my weekly check of the investment portfolio!

5 Places I Have Lived:

1. Manhattan, Kansas
2. Decatur, Illinois
3. Chattanooga, Tennessee
4. Silver Spring, Maryland
5. Knoxville, Tennessee

5 Jobs That I Have Had (or still have today, in some cases)

1. Janitor
2. Restaurant cashier
3. Restaurant assistant manager
4. Design engineer for a nuclear power plant
5. Licensing project manager for a high-level radioactive waste facility

(Just a little clarification - the above job listing is in chronological order, from age 15 to 25! I wasn't moonlighting as a janitor while I was working in the nuclear industry, LOL!) Okay, enough about me. It’s time to tag these wonderful blogging friends!

1. Cindy of The Gathering Room
2. Joan of
Joan's Journeys
3. Cindra of
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4. Kylie of
A Bite of Country Cupcakes
5. Jeanette of
Net on the Net


  1. Thanks for the tag Donna,
    Iwill post on it shortly.
    Iloved reading more about you my lovely Tennessey friend!:)

  2. Haha, Kylie! I look forward to reading your listings!

  3. You have had, and do have a very interesting life, Donna and I'm happy to call you a friend. (HUGS)

  4. Haha, Sally! If I was put on the old "what's my line?" show, they never would have guessed what I did for a living! Yep, it's been a interesting life, and it has even started myself a time or two, LOL.

    I am honored and lucky to have you as a friend, and if you ever need anything, I'll do my best to help you. God bless you!

  5. I liked your 5 things about 5 things. Love learning new things about new friends.

  6. Thanks for the tag, Donna. I just posted mine but I want you to know that my secret hang-up is now out!

  7. I was trying to read this while being dive bombed by these stinking flying monkeys! You are too funny my friend. A janitor huh? Interesting, very interesting. Thank you for playing along.
    Blessings to you!

  8. Thanks for checking out my list, Brenda!

  9. Oh-boy! I'm off to read what you have divulged, Jeanette!

  10. Hope the monkeys didn't stay the night, Kim! LOL! Yep, my very first job was a janitor - mopping floors, scrubbing toilets, washing furniture, etc., at a grade school! I remembered last night that I was also briefly a secretary and chemistry lab dishwasher at the university. Those had to tide me over until the assistant manager job came through.

  11. Hi Donna,

    You are so funny. Flying monkeys, haha..... Great fives and I will do this soon. Well as soon as my mind can remember what I was doing ten years ago. LOL We like the same snacks, I could eat a whole thing of pretzels without a bit of trouble.

  12. I had trouble remembering that far back too, Joan! LOL, I had to ask DH where we went traveling that year. Can't wait to see your answers!

  13. You're welcome, Cindy! I look forward to seeing your answers!

  14. Hahahaaaa....Hopefully you are breathing a little easier today over your investments...last week I just threw up my hands and said...oh well...cashing out would have been dumb though...Happier night sweetie!hughugs

  15. Easy come and easy go, Donna! LOL! Today's market was GRRRRREAT (as Tony the Tiger would say)! It's a good start for a long climb back up the charts. My hyperventilation is temporarily under control.


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