November 23, 2008

Kentucky Road Trip!

beep, beep!  I'm hitting the road again!
We are headed out for another road trip tomorrow morning! Can’t let the moss grow under our feet. No way, no how! This time we are headed northward to middle Kentucky. We have hotel reservations in Bardstown for a few days, and then we will venture over to Harrodsburg for a Thanksgiving celebration. Our itinerary includes visiting many famed whiskey distilleries, sightseeing at historical locales, and resting/feasting at a grand historical inn.

Internet access will not be available for most of our trip, so I will not be able to visit my blogging friends with any regularity this week. I hope that you and your families have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!


  1. the picture!

    So, you are heading to my home state!

    I'll be going at Christmas, with bells on!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!☺

  2. I hope you have a great trip and a wonderful Thanksgiving! We'll miss you, but we'll anxiously await your pictures and stories from your trip.

    Bye now!

  3. Do enjoy your Thanksgiving celebration and take lots of pictures!

    Wishing you a safe, but fun traveling experience ~

  4. Safe travels Donna...
    Enjoy eating drinking and being Merry!
    p.s If you get a chance to pop by before you leaVe I am doing a Pay it forward...May interest you??

  5. How exciting!! Some day I want to go back to Kentucky to the little town my dad was born in - Wickliffe - I know that's not anywhere close to your trip. Have a wonderful time, and be safe. ((HUGS))

    Love that picture also - it reminds me of some I have of my grandparents.

  6. Sharon Metrcalf lives in Bardstown..or used to..she was on Ebay for years selling dolls .(edgeof the woods)I think she was called. .. also that is where I ordered silk florals from a wholeslae company there...never been there before though... the old photo! have a good time donna!

  7. Ohh take me with you! LOL..

    Sounds like a really fun trip. Be safe and will chat when you return.

    P.S. Just love the pic with the post!


  8. I Know you're having a blast right about now!! Enjoy sweetie!!hughugs

  9. Happy Thanksgiving Miz Donna!!!hughugs

  10. I know you are havng a wonderful time but I just wanted to drop by and wish you a Happy Thaksgiving!


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