November 6, 2008

Trip to Watertown

During our visit to the Inn at Evins Mill, we struck up a conversation with a couple from Nashville. They told us that they always love to stop in a little town off of highway 70, about 40 miles east of Nashville. Their description was captivating, so we had to hop in the truck and head over there to check it out for ourselves. We were glad that we did, because Watertown, Tennessee, is the epitome of a clean and proud, rural town of the south where you feel transported back in time.

welcome to historic Watertown, Tennessee!
We parked in the public square and explored all the great antique and gift shops they had to offer. Of course, we had our cameras in tow and snapped some pictures to capture the charm.

a fall display on the town square sets a cheerful tone
these old historic buildings house shops and the town library
if you're cauht speeding, you'll spend some time and money at the City Hall!
step right in for a haircut and shave
I was immediately drawn to a fine arts shop called Kalliepearl, and I was afraid that it was closed based on the store hours sign. But as luck would have it, the owner greeted us at the door and beckoned us in. For the next hour or so, we shared many laughs and stories with Dee Dee, a gal of irrepressible wit and spirit. She is like a girlfriend you have known and loved for over 20 years – never mind that you just met her a few minutes ago. Have you ever met magical people like that before? It is a rare treat.

Named after two of her sisters, she just opened up her shop in September and is working to get her web site set up. Dee Dee has quite a talent for creating beautiful jewelry, with a specialty in stone and metal work. She also displays in her shop a wide assortment of wares from local creative artisans. As a momento, I purchased a pretty little wood turned bowl for use in my studio.

After visiting with Dee Dee, we felt right at home in Watertown and hated to say goodbye to her so that we could explore the rest of the square. As a professed hugger of the championship variety, she hugged us mightily and promised to look us up if she ever came to Knoxville. This picture of her captures her cheerful spirit and pride in her new shop. We wish our new friend all of the best and hope to see her again sometime!

beautiful Dee Dee deserves to be proud of her new shop, Kalliepearl
We had fun exploring the along the walkways of the public square, making sure that we stopped at the antique stores to discover some needed treasures.

yes, I found a little treasure at Town Square Antiques
and I found some treasures at Jim's Antiques too
Before leaving, we had a late lunch at Lulu's Coffee House. The food was delicious and the café was just as charming as the rest of the town.

everybody knows that you can get great food, coffee, and desserts at LuLu's
On the way to the rest room at Lulu’s, I noticed a bulletin board for local community notices. The magic of our little excursion was complete when I saw this little story posted by resident Halle Tunks, age 7:

this youngster could be another great southern writer in the making!
The Rabbit

One day Rabbit was hopping through the trees. Then his friend tertle came slomly runing through. Then they were getting hungry. So they saw some apples. It was very good. The End

Aren’t small towns great? Marty, my blog greeter rabbit, twitches his nose in total agreement.


  1. Ah What a great and refreshing Post Donna.
    Yep,Small towns are he best They may be small but they tend to have the biggest hearts!
    And your time spent in that little town sounds Great!

  2. What a wonderful little spot to visit. It's great too that you shared your visit there with us. I love to browse in antique stores.

  3. I was smiling all through all the preparation work for this post. I love celebrate small town America and the great people that live there! We had a wonderful time and I'm glad that a joyful spirit came through in my words and pictures. Thank you!

  4. I too grew up in a small town ( pop 150 ..12 dogs and twice as many kittens! ..oh and about 8 horses!) Our town was not incorporated so it was all right to raise cattle, pigs, horses...what ever...even chickens and gueese in your back yard, if you wanted to..most homes had a barn in their back yard!..LOL We had one store and one gas station and at one time a pool hall. I love how they painted all the neat signs and also have restored their buildings..very quaint and a rarity for sure!!

  5. What a great little town. I love how make the simplest of things sound so wonderful!

  6. Cindy, I knew you were from a small town, but not THAT small, LOL! And those lovely small town values and kindnesses from yesteryear have stayed with you through the years. Thank you for truly understanding my small town USA celebration!

  7. Thank you so much, Jeanette! What a sweet thing for you to say! I hope that I gave you a smile today!

  8. I love exploring places like this, they have such charm and so much to offer. Great post Donna! Have a good weekend, you too Marty.....

  9. Love all the pics Donne and the stories with them.

  10. Thank you so much, Joan and Kay!

  11. Oh my, I would love to visit that little town - so quaint and charming! I'm glad you made a new friend; Dee Dee will do well - how could she not with that great big smile! Sorry, Donna, that I missed this post untl now; my reader isn't updating lately. Take care, and have a wonderful weekend~((HUGS))

  12. I have a special place in my heart for small town America, Sally! And it was a special visit, indeed, when I found an instant friend in Dee Dee. A hard-worker with a winning personality, she will do well in anything she takes a notion to do!

    Goodness, it's Friday already! I hope that you have a lovely weekend too!

  13. Hallo Donna, what a nice trip to Watertown! I enjoyed your trip with you!
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my rainy Autumn post! I am happy that you liked it! I was surprised when I saw how colourful that rainy day was!


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