December 29, 2008

Kentucky Trip - Beaumont Inn

The busy holiday season is winding down. All of the decorations are put away. We are now getting back to our old, comfortable routines, and that means I can spend a little more time on my blog! So I want to get back to sharing pictures and stories about our journeys! Yeah, yeah. I know that it’s about time! I hear you mumbling out there!

As you may recall, we took a vacation to western Colorado and eastern Utah in late September. Many postings will be forthcoming on the highlights from that beautiful trip. But first, I plan to devote a few postings to some great places we experienced in middle Kentucky during Thanksgiving week.

Let me introduce you to the Beaumont Inn, located in Harrodsburg. It is Kentucky’s oldest family-operated country inn, welcoming guests since 1919. The main inn was built in 1845, and it served in its long history as a school for young women. The current fourth and fifth generations of innkeepers know how to pamper their guests. Signing up for their Thanksgiving package, we previously visited in 2006 and stayed in the main inn. We had such an enjoyable time that we decided to come back for their Thanksgiving package this year!

Beaumont Inn is the quintessential country inn, located in the heart of Kentucky's bluegrass and bourbon country
a pretty harvest display greeted us near the entrance
the resident squirrels found the cushaw squash to be particularly tasty
On this visit, we had a beautiful guest suite in the Greystone House, one of their other buildings. Greystone is located right down the lane, a short walk from the main inn. Our room was on the second floor (left front), and it was HUGE! The bath area was also generously sized and luxurious. It was quite a challenge to climb in and out of the very tall four-poster bed, ha-ha! Thank goodness there were stepstools to help give us a boost! The main inn’s guest rooms are more traditional in size. If you love antiques, you would enjoy all the antique furniture throughout in the guest rooms and inn buildings. Wi-fi is available in the main inn, so we took our laptop over to the game room whenever we wanted to access the web or check e-mails.

beautiful fall mornings greeted us at Greystone House on our strolls to breakfast
The main dining room serves classic Kentucky cuisine, and every bit of it is scrumptious. The staff provides excellent service, with lots of personal attentiveness. Their Thanksgiving feast is known far and wide, bringing in droves of local and traveling patrons. We were told that the chef and kitchen staff cooked 30 turkeys for this year's feast! They also have a tavern which features tasty casual food along with a wide selection of beverages.

The inn and dining staffs are exceptionally gracious. There are few places that achieve the high level of service as the Beaumont Inn. As a result, there are many people like us who are repeat customers, some returning every year.

So what were we doing when we were not lounging around and dining at the inn? We were sightseeing and tasting famous Kentucky bourbon (responsibly, of course)! Stay tuned for more details later!


  1. oh those are lovely...old homes are just so character filled!

  2. That is a very beautiful place. I think it would be nice to be able to leave town during the holidays and escape from some of the stress and hectic schedules of the season!
    Looking foward to seeing pictures from all of your travels!

  3. Goodness gracious - such a beautiful place; the area, buildings, all of it! You are so fortunate to have had the experience more than once! :)

    Thanks so much for sharing - Kentucky was my father's birthplace and by gum, I'm gonna go back there someday! :)

  4. Donna,

    This place looks gorgeous! One of my favorite things to do is stay at a B & B or Inn and this looks like somewhere I would enjoy. I need to go on a new journey, why is it when the holidays are over I start thinking I need to go somewhere? LOL Thanks for the tour and can't wait to see the rest. Your photos with the captions are great!

  5. P.S. I just seen your anonymous qoute about the New Year on your sidebar. Love it. LOL

  6. I would not have ever known of its existance!!! Someday, Marty...Ahemmmmmm...I MEAN, Hubby and I will hope to visit it!!!
    Happy night sweetie!!hughugs

  7. I could rel;ax there really good..esp with some of that bourbon in hand! LOL what a gorgeous Inn!

  8. it all looks lovely. the photos are great and makes me wish i were there!

  9. Beautiful I can imagine having a cuppa there .
    Happy New Year
    Clare's Craftroom

  10. Have mercy that sounds absolutely heavenly. I must visit, Must visit now!!! LOL.

  11. What a beautiful place. It sounds absolutely amazing.


  12. What a wonderful place! Kentucky is a beautiful state; we have relatives living near the Lexington/Louisville area, so we get to see a bit of Kentucky hospitality now and then.

  13. I'm sure glad that everyone has gotten a kick out of seeing this grand place! If you ever find yourself in middle KY, you wouldn't be sorry to stay there a spell!

  14. That is a beautiful place and I look forward to hearing and seeing more of the tales and pictures of your sightseeing while there. So glad you could get away and enjoy some time together.

  15. I love reading about you and your hubby's vacations. You writings give one a feel of being there!!! Thank-you!!!


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