January 27, 2009


I appreciate all of the recent sweet comments and good wishes you have extended me as I have thrown myself into a temporary consulting job. Thank you! I wish I had a more time to keep up with my many blog friends, but I plan to visit my favorites on at least a weekly basis. I am hard at work on the project, lending technical assistance to prepare the company’s response to the state regulatory agency. I am working primarily from my home, so that comfort has kept me from getting too tired and stressed. I am grateful that I can provide some help on rectifying this unfortunate spill event. I am also grateful to earn some additional funds to add to our retirement savings. We are truly blessed.

I have been enormously lucky on bloggy giveaways too. I want to extend a formal thank you to the wonderful blog ladies noted below and recognize their generosity. I hope that my readers will explore their web sites and perhaps discover something of interest.

At one time, Marty was encouraging me to visit blogs with “rabbit” titles, LOL. I either found the Rachael Rabbit blog that way, or else I followed an online link for a pincushion tutorial. In any event, I studied Rachael’s great instructions on how to make a patchwork pumpkin pincushion, and also entered her giveaway at the same time. And look at the little beauty that I won! Of course, I LOVE pincushions and put them to good use in my sewing studio. Thank you, Rachael!

pretty patchwork pumpkin pincushion from Rachael - try to say that quickly 3 times in a row!
I am always blown away by artists who excel in many media, and I was immediately impressed to find the artistic blog, Diane Knott's Musings. I wish I had 10% of her talent! She is a watercolorist, fabric designer, and author. Diane does great stitching too because I recently won a beautiful handmade and crossed-stitched chickadee pillow! I adore little chickadees and their chatter at the birdfeeders, so this will be a constant reminder of their playful antics. She also included one of her lovely print note cards, a little strawberry pincushion, and gift tag. Thank you, Diane!

sweet artistic presents from Diane
I don’t even remember how I ended up visiting Lori’s blog, A Cowboy's Wife. One thing led to another, and I was soon looking at her companion blog, My Wooden Spoon. She features a treasure trove of cooking information on this blog and has some giveaways too. I’m not much of a cook, but I love food and prizes. So I entered her giveaway for English toffee, and I won a sampler. Hubby and I think that it is the BEST English toffee we have ever had in our lives! Mmmm, we’re going to have to order some! Thank you, Lori!

from Lori, an English toffee sampler by English Toffee Anytime


  1. And now you want to pass this stuff on to your favorite Floridian. I get it!!! Hee! Hee! With all the giveaways I've been entering I hope I win at least one LOL.
    Hugs to you my friend.

  2. Donna, I'm so glad you're able to do some of the work from home! And, look at YOU with all those wonderful goodies. I'm going to check out those sites; they all look interesting.

    Take care, and don't forget to come up for air. Miss you!!

  3. wow you have sure been the lucky one.
    I have won about 5 now but not in such close consession.
    Enjoy all your lil special goodies nd being a Working Gal again...Least for a while

  4. Wow Donna, you have won some great prizes. They are all great. Hope you aren't working too hard but it's nice to work from home. Hey I seen Marty when I was in Florida. I actually took a photo and my hubby said why are you takng a picture of the rabbit? I told him it was for a bloggy friend. LOL I'll post it sometime soon.

  5. Can you believe this luck of mine? It's getting shameful, LOL. It will be dying down a bit now since I can't spend much time blog "hopping". After this little working stint is over, I think I will turn into a total couch potato to de-stress!

    And you spotted Marty in Florida, Joan!? Oh that little furball has been out partying while I wasn't looking! Tsk, tsk. I'm looking forward to seeing his mug shot!

  6. I will help ye eat that toffee, if yer consulting job gets in the way of finishing the box...LOL...looks like you are a true Blog Pirate with all yer loot!

  7. I'm so glad that work is going well. And way to go on all those blog winnings! You got some nice stuff there.

  8. You've been rubbing Marty's feet that's why you are so lucky right? Enjoy these days working...it's good for the mind and good for the pocketbook...not to mention you are helping the environment...

  9. I find myself hopping from blog to blog as well....so interesting reading about others lives and also how much talent there is out there! You won some neat prizes...and yes..i will go check out thes enew blogs as well..LOL you should see my RSS feed list...endless!!! I won a lovely bracelet from Celene's Treasure Chest, congratulations...to a very deserving friend to bloggers!

  10. Well you Know we all MISS You!!! And just Look at all of those goodies!! Wonderful! Don't work too hard sweetie or Marty said he'd call and tell on you!!!hahaa...hughugs

  11. I too love going from blog to blog. I have been lucky enough to find some really wonderful creative ladies out there. Glad to see all is going well with you being back in the work force. See around!

  12. Cngratulations on all that wonderful stuff .
    Clares Craftroom

  13. Congrats on winning all of those goodies and how great it is that you can do some of this work from home! Take care!


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