May 9, 2009

Photo Challenge: Circles

Time for a new Brenda Photo Challenge! The theme is Circles. Our current challenge hostess, Jeanette of Net on the Net, picked the theme. Thank you, Jeanette!

The Capitol building in Colonial Williamsburg is quite impressive. The structure has two round-shaped wings, each with large circular windows. We enjoyed a harpsichord concert one magical evening, with these round windows as a backdrop to the musician playing the role of Peter Pellum, an 18th century composer. Important history was made at this Capitol building. On May 15, 1776, Virginia’s legislators unanimously adopted a resolution declaring their independence from England, two months before the Continental Congress in Philadelphia adopted the Declaration of Independence.

The photo was taken at f/7.1, 1/100 second, and ISO 200.

round window in Colonial Williamsburg Capitol
These canteens hang in Colonial Williamsburg’s warehouse for military equipment and gunpowder. Known as the Magazine, this building dates back to 1716. Over the years, it has been used as a market place, church, and storage space for military supplies during the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the Civil War.

The camera settings were f/4.8, 1/13 second, and ISO 800.

wooden canteens at Colonial Williamsburg Magazine
I am making some lavender sachets and decided to use fabric yo-yos for embellishment. I picked an assortment from my fabric scrap pile, mostly consisting of hand-dyed Bali cotton, and quickly stitched up this lovely pile! Don’t these bright colors make your heart sing?

This photo was taken at f/5.6, 1/40 second, and ISO 200.

colorful, hand-stitched yo-yos


  1. I love your circle photos, Donna. That window is so awesome and the fabric yo-yo's are so pretty.

  2. Pretty!!!!! These are All wonderful! Are thise quilting circles sewen up already??? Is that a Quilt??? If it is its gorgeous...If Not, it Will be!!!hughugs

  3. Your selections are always so awesome, Donna.

    I love the yo-yo's, and they bring back memories; I just can't remember why. hahahaha

    Have a lovely weekend. (hugs)

  4. Oh, so lovely! These are all so wonderful. You are so creative and take such great photos!!

  5. Great job Donna. All beautiful but I love the colors of those fabric yoyos.

  6. Donna I am so glad some of the Williamsburg photos made it into here! I love the window and the canteens. Isn't it strange how something so simple can be such an attractive photo? And yoyos! Some day I am going to make some. Yours are beautiful and fit the bill perfectly. You are certainly making beautiful photographs with that new camera of yours!

  7. Wonderful take on circles. I love the yo-yos. This was a fun challenge.

  8. Donna,
    Just stunning. You are so creative and I especially love the bright colours of your fabric yo yos.
    Love and hugs XXOO

  9. Ah, I love those yo-yos. What a fantastic choice..and the clever you are to do all those, it sounds like you did them in just an hour or so! Liked the other photos also...good to learn another little bit of American History!

  10. Great oics from you yet again Donna!
    You have such a keen eye,
    I adore those yoyos I want to learn to make some:)

  11. Historical circles and lovely creative circles, both are wonderful!! I love em!

  12. Your circles are awesome Donna! Love the window but than I look at the canteens and love them snd then I look at the sachets and love them. Very creative!


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