January 30, 2010

Blog Challenge: The Best of 2009

After a long absence, I am back in the The Brenda Photo Challenge! Life got in the way during November because of our packing and moving activities. And then the Challenge took a little vacation during the holiday season. But it's back to business now! Be sure to click on the challenge link above so that you can see the photographs by other participants.

The current theme is The Best of 2009. Of course, the highlight of the year was the sale of rambling country cottage! Though it was our wonderful home for 17 years, it was time to say farewell so that we could get on with our downsizing and retirement plans. The photo was taken at f/9, 1/250 second, and ISO 400.

I have to be honest and confess that I will not remember the year with complete fondness. Much of the time it was difficult for me to amble around. I hobbled the first part of the year with a bum knee and then spent the second part recovering from a total knee replacement. Despite the physical setbacks, we were able to enjoy a few journeys!

The first was a short trip was to the nearby Great Smoky Mountains National Park. You know that I am really enamored with altered digital images. So I couldn’t resist making an antique version of a view from the Newfoundland Gap. The camera settings were f/8, 1/80 second, and ISO 200.

The next journey was to Colonial Williamsburg as spring was awakening. I was able to get around thanks to a fresh cortisone shot, LOL, and lots of assistance from my husband. I remember that my knee pretty much went downhill afterwards, but images like this made the trip worthwhile. We hope to go back later on this year! The photo was taken at f/11, 1/80 second, and ISO 200.

In late fall, I was finally recovered enough to attempt a short jaunt to the picturesque area of Franklin, Tennessee. This is “Rusty”, a recycled metal sculpture who stands 20 feet tall at The Factory of Franklin. This fellow weighs in at 6400 pounds and took 2500 hours to build over 6 years! The camera settings were f/11, 1/125 second, and ISO 200.

And finally, we had friends join us this year for a Thanksgiving celebration in middle Kentucky. Here is my sweet baboo, waving to me and holding his camera, in the great halls of the Centre Family Dwelling at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. The photo was taken at f/7.1, 1/50 second, and ISO 800.

This picture also serves as a wave "goodbye" to the year that was 2009!  We are grateful that it had a happy ending!


  1. haha I'm first :))

    i always love to look at your photos-- the one you 'antiqued' is my favorite ! i love that look. and of course the subject.
    i'm such a camera simpleton. all i know to do is point and shoot. i would love to understand the settings and filters, and lenses and all that jazz-- when i was younger i wanted to be a photographer in the navy--- until they told me i would have to enlist for SIX years-- ummm, when you're barely 19-- scared to death, and barely believing you'll survive boot camp? six years may as well be a life sentence... so i passed.
    do i regret it now? you bet i do.
    why am i blogging in your box?
    maybe i'm sweetNboring teeewww?
    nah , we'll save that for you.
    we'll just call me blabbermouth brezz---

    great pix-
    and happy saturday

  2. These are Wonderful Donna!! I WISH I could have bought the house! I Love it!!!
    Your photos are BEAUTIFUL! Can you imagine what the pioneers thought when they first saw the Gap?
    Your technique is great!!
    Happy Saturday to you and DH...and Marty!!!hughugs

  3. You've done so well with photo shop! The antique finish on your photo is so interesting ~ well done!!. Those mountains happen to be a favorite spot of mine. Also love the metal sculpture ! Great photo all the way around! Good bye 2009. HELLO 2010


  4. hehe I was the same way Donna trying to pick. Love your choices. I agree with you on 2009, we had some health issues in our household and job problems that made for a difficult year. Williamsburg shot is lovely and I love your parting shot and Rusty. Hope 2010 serves us better and look forward to sharing in more challenges. ~Jeanne

  5. You sure did have an eventful year!!!! I am glad that you end it well! I am still busy editing and learning...wow who'da thought that this photography business would overtake my life??? Thanks...xxxRobby

  6. I always love all of you pics! My favorites are the smoky mountain picture and the rusty sculpture. My husband could and would love to make something like that someday. I hope 2010 is all that you want it to be and more too without any complications!!!

  7. Good morning Donna! What a wonderful post! I love your antiquing technique! I would like to see the before and after of a shot like this sometime.

    You are the boot in the butt I need! Although I finally got my new camera a couple of days after New Year's, I've gone so far as to register it, charge the batteries, and hold it (for long periods of time). I told myself I wouldn't use it until I got those protective lenses. For four weeks, I've been trying to find just one day to myself to learn everything I can about it. The next photos I take will be with the Nikon!

    Thanks for sharing your images of 2009.

  8. Sometimes that's the best that can be said of a year...it ended well. Cute picture of your sweet baboo. I still haven't forgotten that I'm to find my favorite post. I know that I'll have to concentrate on the first part of the year (because I was offline for the second half). Anyway, I'm having a recollection of Williamsburg for some reason so must go check.

  9. Yes indeed, I LOVE the antiqued photo!
    Things here are very slow...I am so stiff and sore...not my knee, but the rest of my leg! I am hoping for a much better spring!

  10. Donna, Your photo's are always so amazing, so professional! Love the antiqued one! Also loved the graphic lines in that last photo. Great job as always. I was shocked to discover that I'd taken less than 100 photos in 2009. Most were of projects I was working on. Sad. I'll do better this year!

    Nita Jo

  11. It would be hard to say goodbye to such a lovely home; but then, life goes on. :D Would love to see both the Smokies and Williamsburg. And, love the funky rusty sculpture because it embodies so much creativity to use throw aways. Great photos and the last is quite dramatic.

  12. These are wonderful pictures, Donna! You had a lovely home for 17 years and now you will have smaller lovely home!

  13. Excellent photos. I love this beautiful house!

  14. Oh I could've bought your home...I adore it!!!
    I love the photos of the smokies...Mabey one day I too will get to take a picture there too!

  15. fantastic shots Donna....thank for saring your talents! cindy

  16. beautiful....and i too wish i could have bought your home...truly paradise....but a lot of work i am sure! :-)


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