April 13, 2010

Momma's Got a Brand New Bag

I’ve gone and done it! I have wanted a new camera bag for some time now, but wasn’t really happy with the features and styling of the typical ones out on the market. Then I recently discovered great bags made by jill-e designs.

After much deliberation, I decided to get the small brown nylon model with black trim. They have gorgeous leather models too, but I thought the nylon version might be a little bit lighter for me to carry. With padding all around, the exterior has several handy pockets, and the interior is equipped with a slew of Velcro-adjustable dividers. A little matching wristlet pouch is also included with the bag. This size will be plenty big enough for my camera gear, typical purse essentials, and cell phone.

I am looking forward to using this camera bag on our travel jaunts and even excursions around town! If you live in a big city, your local camera dealer may have an assortment of these bags. I ordered mine from our trusty friends at B&H.


  1. Very stylish. It doesn't even really look like a camera bag. I love it

  2. VERY nice. We stay in their neighborhood, when we go to NYC. I've never gone in, because there's way to much to do in the city. Maybe this year I'll pop in.

  3. Now that's a good tip for getting a good-looking bag. Hope that it works out very well for you on all the different levels you'll be using it for.

  4. Sweet my friend. You'll be happy to have everything organized and safely in one place.

  5. It looks great, Donna! Another thing I like with my camera is the wrist strap. I always find the neck straps to get in the way.


  6. You're just getting too Fancy over here Girl!!Hahaaa....I think my tiny canon would get lost in there!!
    Guess I'd better pull out the Big canon and shake the dust off!!
    I'm a BAD student!!

  7. Oh, I really like it, Donna. Very nice!! :)

  8. Very nice indeed....And does'nt look like a camera bag,Some Look so ....

  9. It will be easier for you take even more wonderful pictures.

  10. i like it teeewwww.
    too big for me to haul around tho-- i had to stop even carrying a purse over a year ago. lucky to carry my own butt around.

    have a happy day - whatever it is.
    i have lost all sense of time and space.

    when are we havin coffee on that porch -- time for a update on the new crib isn't it?

  11. I love your new bag Donna! Great side pockets to hold all your stuff too!! I might be going on a trip next month!! I'm excited and will find out this week if I'm going. It's a seminar at sea and it's the first time I've been away in a long time so keep your fingers crossed that there's room for me. Hope you are well!

  12. Lovely bag! I still have to find one for my new camera, but I haven't even looked yet.

  13. do you want me to go beat up your brothers while i still feel tough? :)) cuz i will.

    where's todays post? it's a long walk over here from my place, and i still know nuthin? i need to know. k? i have the perfect spot. my hopes are not up-- so it won't hurt my feelins--- it was an accident anyhow :)) darn senile.

    hugz my swab? is that better than scab?
    i like scab. it makes you funner to pick at

    bwa hahahaahaha

  14. ooo la-la! sweet!

    congrats, girl!


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