July 25, 2010

That Dirty 5-Letter Word: Taxes

I don’t rant often. I make a concerted effort to keep my blog light-hearted. Please bear with me while I digress a bit off of my usual topics. Yes, the calendar says July and not April. But what soon happens in Washington D.C. could very much affect how much of your hard-earned money is turned over to the Federal government every April.

There are many talking heads on the news and in the current ruling political party that refer to the “Bush tax cuts” as some kind of evil legislation that only benefits “rich” people. Quite simply, they are either lying or badly misinformed. And, these talking heads play the tried-and-true envy card to sway the public’s emotions.

Please don’t be fooled and get caught up in the spin and rhetoric. Think with your head and your wallet. Check it out for yourself and see how expiration of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts will affect you and your family. Here is a nifty calculator: http://www.mytaxburden.org/

You may very well discover that you are one of the “rich” folks who will be paying more. Welcome to the club. I hope that you can figure out where to carve this extra money out of your household budget to send to Washington. Or better yet, I hope that you contact your Congressional representative and Senators and demand that they make those Federal income tax cuts permanent.

Thanks for listening. I’m stepping down from my soapbox now…


  1. Soapboxes are very important, it's those who don't bother that give politicians too much power, they are our representatives, and unless we let them know what we, who elected them into office, think they do what they feel like. You go girl! A little outrage is good.

  2. I, too, try to keep my blog light-hearted; but sometimes, you just have to make a statement.

    Thanks for this post.

  3. Thank you Jesus - I'm poor!! But, I feel for the rest of you. ((hugs))

  4. Makes me Ill.....So Tired of the Garbage out of Washington! I'm voting to put them on a Permanent vacation in November!

  5. We're not exactly poor but we're already feeling the pinch and we will be paying more if the BTCs expire. God help us and help those in Congress who have a mind to stand up to Barack Obama and the forces of evil he represents.

    I make no attempt to keep my blog lighthearted ... LOLOL ... or my comments.

  6. I don't think I could possible afford to cut back any more than I do. I think some of our congressmen need to try and live off of what I make for a while and see what it's like

  7. I just got an email today explaining all the new taxes that will take effect in 2011 and it made me ill! I was telling hubby about it too. Soooo not right!! When will they get it right???

  8. Amen, Sister! Preach on! You said it very well.

  9. Oh, Donna....we feel the same way! Cannot wait for Nov. to get here. I am a letter writer and my laptop has been well used over the last 6 months trying to reach and convince to powers that be and "may" be!!
    Pelosi would love to just reach out from the T.V, pat me on my little head and tell me to to go nap-she and her buddies will take care of every little detail since she believes most of America is too stupid to understand what is "best" for us little people! Grrrrrrr......

    You can get on your soapbox any 'ol time :)

    Did you hear our President of the Republican Party, Jim Miller, here in Monroe County was murdered last week? He left Rep. HQ at noon, heading home. Was found several hours later. Shot in the head, locked in the trunk, car had been set on fire...Wow. We are just in shock over this.

    Take care, and keep speaking out! misha

  10. .....oh don't get me started! lol. we wrote our congress and senate...some didn't even respond. ugh.... >:(

    *deep breath*


    *another deep breath*


  11. Thanks for speaking out! Sometimes you have to take a stand!

  12. Vote em all out and start all over.


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