August 8, 2010

Blooming Fun

I stayed out of the summer heat and had a little fun today with Photoshop. With the reality of August weather, our daylily blooms are a distant memory. But it is nice to revisit pictures I took earlier this year.

A study in contrasts is a comparison between the original photo of a delicate pink bloom (from the Barbara Mitchell daylily) and a charcoal version. To create the dramatic black and white image shown below, I used Topaz Adjust. It is a plug-in program that works with the various Photoshop programs and others photo imaging software such as PaintShop Pro. Right now I am using their free 30-day download, and I’ll definitely buy it after the trial period is over. I have already used their Simply program for several months and love it for painterly transformations. 


  1. Very cool! The charcoal version looks like a pewter flower!

  2. that would be gorgeous framed too...nice job..I love the transformation as much as the original.

  3. We can always count on you for introducing some intriguing new photography trick. I've actually been wanting to do this for some projects I've been making and have just settled for "desaturating."

  4. I've just got to get and use photoshop. I love the stuff I've seen others do. Very cool, Donna M!

  5. How pretty!! I have one day lily blooming and it's probably gonna be the last.

    Hope you're having a great day, Donna! ((hugs))

  6. That is fabulous. After reading another of your posts about topaz I checked it out and really want to try it. I've been waiting till I can find more time to play around with it before I download the trial. I'm sure I'm going to want to buy it after wards

  7. Beautiful! Amazing how b/w brings out all the details!

  8. -clapping hands- -joyful glee- I just discovered! You have a couple of oh-so-cool blogs on your blog roll. Michelle Obama's Mirror's Blog and Barack Obama's Teleprompter's Blog! Oh but it's lovely to realize that some else is of like mind!

    Lots and lots of happy hugs!

  9. Yes, yes, yes. Now I see your "Timely Quote" on your sidebar. But, I just don't peruse sidebars much.

    Read that the top spot(s) on our sidebar are the "prime real estate", so to speak. That's why I put my "Good Reading" links, way up top. Links from Conservative news blogs, which I'd like for all to read. Links, which I try to change often.

    Just saying.


    Happy to have found out, our like-minded-ness!

  10. Oh Donna!! These are Beautiful!! I checked out Topaz and it looked like it offers several neat plugins...Hope the job is going great for you!!


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