August 5, 2010

Thinking Cool Thoughts

When summer days are hot and oppressive, I try to think of cool thoughts, like a beautiful stroll that we took in the summer of 2005. This vista is in the Caribou Mountain range of Alberta, Canada. Surrounded by glaciers, we hiked up to the ridgeline above the large patch of snow on the right-hand side of the scene. From there, a helicopter picked us up to take us back to the mountain lodge.

I hope that looking at this gorgeous landscape helps cool you off too! Below is a painterly version, using a Topaz Adjust filter.


  1. both versions are lovely and now I have to go close the window because I suddenly feel a chill in the air :)

  2. Beautiful pictures! You're right, I feel much cooler!

  3. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Delicious... Thank you.

  4. Gorgeous picture!! Love the topaz adjustment on it! It does looked like a painted picture.


  5. Spectacular. I'd love to see that someday with my own eyes! And take pictures of it. Happy Weekend, Donna! Get some well-deserved rest.


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