September 15, 2010

Cedar Forest in Bella Coola Valley

Are you ready for an installment post about our British Columbia vacation?  Yeah, I thought so!  My working schedule puts a severe dent into my blogging time, so your continued patience is appreciated.

On one of the tour days, we visited the town of Bella Coola, located on the mid-coastal area of the province.  With an average of 90 inches of rain a year, we stood a pretty good chance of encountering rain.  Travel luck wasn’t with us for this day’s excursion, so the camera had to be tucked away most of the time.

One of the places we visited was an ancient cedar forest on the edge of town.  There was enough shelter from the giant trees to allow me to take a few pictures.  A simple pathway quickly leads to into natural solitude.  It is impossible for my photos to truly capture the beauty and the grandeur of this old forest.  It has borne witness to the passage of time and changing of countless seasons.

With diameters up to five feet wide, one feels quite dwarfed in comparison to the stature of these magnificent trees.  And as you walk along, you almost expect woodland creatures, both mythical and real, to suddenly appear.

Among the immensity of the moss-covered timber, extra care has to be taken to also admire forest details along the trail.

Despite the rain, it was simply magical.


  1. Wonderful, Donna. Thank you! There is nothing like walking through a dense forest. The sheer massiveness of the trees puts one in awe of God's creation! I love that in your post, just as you declare that you might expect some woodland creatures to appear, there pops up Marty, chewing, on the right hand side. Well done!

  2. hiya donna !!!! georgeous pix - so glad you had a good time.
    i have been tryin to comment here for litterally a couple weeks - and i get cut off at the end -- the dumb word verification gets me every time. i lose my comment. i hope you don't think i haven't been comin around. i do- just can't talk to ya .
    anyways - hope life is good to you-
    does the offer for the tea on your porch still stand? i may be runnin away soon.. just don't know where to go. :)) kiddin-- sorta.

  3. it worked !!!!!!!
    oh ps- yes DO send Marty over -- i have a couple folks who need that -- umm favor you offered :))
    i may be able to use a sloppy kiss of his today too. maybe. life's been rough in soulland lately. it'll pass tho- always does.
    latah scab :))
    i love to say that to you

  4. Lovely pics Donna :)
    It looks like such a tranquil place to visit.

    Raining raining here the past few more Summer weather.


  5. beautiful!!!! my kind of! thanks for sharing!

  6. what beautiful photos you snapped! i love rain and this is exactly why- rain equals beauty! thanks for sharing your trip! have a great day!

  7. Yes!!! Magical is the word which came to me!!!

  8. Ah! Marvelous. I love the name "Bella Coola" ... beautiful cool? Some coolness in South Carolina about now would certainly be beautiful. And I love rain, so 90 inches a year would not faze me.

    Love, love, love your gorgeous pictures! More, more, more!

  9. Bella Coola is beautiful but 90 inches of rain a year, wow. Love those shots.

  10. Just gorgeous photos! I'm jealous of where you are at!


  11. Don't sell your photography short, not only did it capture the sense of that forest, I can smell the forest!

  12. what a gorgeous farest of trees..I can almost smell the fresh air and hear the quiet of the forest..woodland mystical creatures must be there for sure! LOL gorgeous pictures Donna!


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