October 5, 2010

A Lesson in Self-Portraits


We went on an excursion a couple of weekends ago to a small-town apple festival. We took along our new point-and-shoot cameras to try them out. It was so easy to carry them around and take snapshots, compared to our SLRs! We had a wonderful time and stayed long enough to have a delicious barbeque lunch.

Before we left, I decided to make a stop at the ladies’ room. I gave my little Coolpix to hubby while I took care of my business. He couldn’t resist. He took a picture of himself for me to discover later. I laughed when I saw the surprise picture, of course. I never know when he’s going to do that!

He then told me the rest of the story. A lady came up to him as he was getting into position. He had his arm stretched out, positioning the camera, and wearing a cheesy grin. She asked if she could help him. He answered “No, then it wouldn’t be a self-portrait!” ~Snap!~ He said that her odd look was priceless!


  1. LOL, cute story. He's very correct too. if she had helped it wouldn't have been a self portrait. Maybe he should have gotten a picture of the look on her face when he said that :)

  2. I feel as if I know something about the self-portrait. You hubby has the absolutely correct approach. Let them think what they will...

  3. Oh that's so funny! Where's the picture? LOL! I wanna see it.
    Have a fabulous day my friend.

  4. That's funny! One time when my husband was video taping something he briefly turned the camera on his face...we laugh every time we look at that!!

  5. Ah, I love my Coolpix but I crave a Nikon D5000! I agree: taking self-portraits can be fun ... and very revealing. That's cute what your husband did!

  6. How Funny!! That's a cool hubby you got there Girl!!

  7. Oh, Donna, I was SO hoping to see the self-portrait at the end of your post! haha That's a cute story! Hope all is going well for you. Thanks for the sweet common on my STRESS post. That was very kind of you. I am so NOT a computer person that I'd be afraid to try to use the other blog post program, but I agree, I have a terrible time getting my posts to edit and display the way I want, especially if there has been any rearranging of photos! Have a great weekend!... Donna

  8. This Norman Rockwell is one of my favorites! How adorable of your husband - can't men just be the sweetest guys at times (most of the time!). But...where is his self-portrait?
    So nice to have found you!Going to be following along from now on, if you don't mind?

  9. What a fun and thoughtful guy you have there. He must keep you smiling!

    And what a great job he did... the self-portrait turned out great :)

  10. I love it! I've been trying to take a few more pics of me and my husband instead of just objects so that we can document were we have been.


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