November 15, 2010

Polar Bear Country: Before the Storm

When we first arrived at Churchill, it was cold and very windy. When the tundra rover took us out to polar bear country, we saw numerous ponds scattered across the tundra and most were partially frozen. The landscape was a gorgeous patchwork of browns and russet textures. A few pine trees survive in this climate, and those that do are midgets compared to those in southern climates. The most prominent feature across the barren countryside is the shrub willow, and it tends to form wild hedges wherever it sprouts, particularly along pond banks.

Polar bear sightings were easy once we concentrated on finding the “white dots” in the distance. We saw an incredible 19 bears in one day!

Before the storm, most of our furry friends were located too far away to clearly photograph. However, my long-range images are always good candidates for creating watercolor pictures!

We were ecstatic with the abundance of the bears, and cheered whenever a few decided to come close to the tundra rover.

Come on and visit with us, big guy!

Hey, don’t walk away! Stay around for a while because my blogging friends want to meet you!

I asked our guide what sound a ringed seal makes, and I got a dirty look instead of an answer. Darn it all, LOL! 

[to be continued]


  1. I reckon your guide didn't fancy being Polar Bear bait maybe? Spoiled all the fun didn't they? LOL
    You should print these on the wrap around frames, they're wonderful!

  2. I would hate to end up as polar bear lunch but they just look so darn hugable
    So what was wrong with the question that you only got a dirty look instead of an answer? Was he afraid that you would make the noise for the rest of the trip?

  3. HAHAHAHAaaa....OhLord Girl...I'm with the guide!!! You want to Eat lunch, not BE lunch!!LOLOL...LOVE LOVE the shots!!!

  4. Great photos. I like the fourth one the best. I like the richness of the colors.

  5. Wow ! What a awesome thing to see!! They sure are magnificant creatures!

  6. Mmmmmmmmm... Exciting yes. But... Not tooooooooo close please. ,-) Yup, I'm a wimp.

    Interesting that we have both seen a drop-off in comments. Yes, I think it does have to do with the Holiday Businessssssssssssss. Both Thanksgiving and Christmas on the horizon. -sigh-

    Oh well. :-) I know we can't make anyone Comment. I know. I know. But comments do Rock! -big grin-

    And it does feel better, that the number of people Visiting my blog, has remained about the same. They are coming by. They just didn't feel like commenting or....... Didn't have the time to do both, read blogs and comment in them. :-)

    Come January, blog reading etc., will pick up! In the long, cold months of winter, blog stuff has more charm. :-)

    And again, I know. I shouldn't be concerned about this. I know. And I'm not really concerned. Just...... wondering.... :-) There, do I sound as if I've covered up for sounding overly concerned about comments?!? -grin- Well, I sure tried to cover it up! lol.

  7. Truly gorgeous photo's, Donna. I'm always amazed! Love your header too. :)

  8. Hi Donna!! I've been gone way too long!! You're pictures are gorgeous!! The Eagle pics are wonderful! It had to be even more exciting to see them in person!! Hope you are doing well!!!


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