November 22, 2010

A Surprise Giveaway for Polar Bear Lovers!

Thank you so much for all of your gracious comments on my series of Polar Bear Country posts! Bloggers love getting comments, and I’m no different in that department. It seems that I successfully touched your hearts and you have generously reciprocated.

In appreciation, I have some little presents for a surprise giveaway! The winner will receive a small 2011 calendar with photos of cute baby bears, an embroidered Churchill “Polar Bear Club” patch, and a picture postcard of an arctic hare (Marty’s Canadian cousin). I used a random number generator to determine the winner from the 63 comments that I received during the series of posts.


So who is the lucky winner? It’s Donna of Made in Heaven! Congratulations, sweetie! I’ll be shipping these off to you later on this week!

See? You never know when I will have a surprise giveaway for my blogging friends who shower me with comments!

P.S. Did you know that all of my Polar Bear Country images are loaded on Flickr? If you want to see a slideshow of them all together, go HERE!


  1. Yay for Donna! Woot!! That was nice of you!

  2. well look what i have missed....i better get myself reading the past posts...has just been sooooo hectic....looks wonderful!!!!

  3. Ahhh, you're a sneaky one! Congrats to Donna! Good to know that I can watch a video...that's how I'll be sharing your polar bear photos with John.

  4. Well that's a really cool way of doing a giveaway. I like that idea. Congratulations to Donna, she's going to be thrilled.

  5. You rock girlfriend. What a blessing you are to people. I know for a fact that I love traveling along with you through your pictures! Keep it up!

  6. YAYYYY for Donna! I can't think of anyone more deserving of a wonderful polar bear giveaway! And I can attest that Donna M.'s giveaways are the very best. Congratulations Donna (Texas)!

  7. From One Lovely Donna To another Lovely donna!
    Been great seeing and showing my kids your great Piccies

  8. NOFLIPPINWAY!!!!Hahahahaaa...DadGumIT!! I got busy with invoices yesterday and couldn't visit like I wanted to!!! And Then, when I GOT the chance the phone would ring...I just gave up last night and went to Bed!!!Hahahaaa.....
    I'm Jumping Jumping here!!!Hahaaa
    Thanks Miz Donna!!

  9. I just LOVE surprises and I pulled a fast one with everyone on this! I planned the giveaway before I even left, and shopped for a few small treasures up in Churchill. I am so thankful for my faithful blogging friends! All of you are the BEST!!! Enjoy, Miz Donna!

  10. Thanks AGAIN Donna!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

  11. Congratulations Donna! What a wonderful gift from such a sweet friend :) And Donna? You did such an outstanding job with all the photos...

  12. Oh my mom and I really enjoyed the slide show. Thanks for providing all the photos in that forum. They really are so cute with those great big claws.


Marty, here! Donna loves comments, and I faithfully pass them on to her. Thank you so much for visiting!