December 7, 2010

Christmas Decorations Overload

It has been blustery cold here at Colonial Williamsburg.  We were a bit unprepared for the low temperatures this week and didn't pack nearly enough heavy clothes.  The extended weather report we checked last week promised that it would be a lot warmer!  But we have soldiered on and managed to take photos of almost all of the exterior decorations at this historical park.  Tomorrow, we'll also be taking a Christmas Decorations Walking Tour and learn about some of the construction techniques and natural materials for creating their elegant creations.  It will be our last full day here, and then we will be visiting Mount Vernon before we return back home.

Are we close to reaching Christmas decorations overload?  Almost!

Are we ready to get back to our warm home soon?  Yes!!!

P.S. We ARE having great fun! The folks here at Williamsburg Lodge have been terrific and the staff in the historical park have successfully taken us back in to that glorious time of our Nation's early days. 


  1. Is there such a thing as Christmas decoration overload? I love the apples in that wreath. Find out how to do that!

    Frozen to the bone overload I understand. Hope that you both have a pleasant evening warming up and getting ready to do it all over again tomorrow.

  2. I think that the cold weather would be an excellent excuse to do a little shopping for some nice warm
    I never get tired of seeing Christmas decorations. Although I suppose if I was outside freezing I might

  3. Hahahaa....You can't come home 'til WE have Christmas Overload and I'm not feeling it yet!
    Get 'ta moving Girlie! Shoot those photos!!Hahaa
    Is there a WalMart around? Go get some warm clothes!
    This hot coffee and Warm chocolate chip cookie is Wonderful...Yum!!LOLOL
    Love You!

  4. Brrrrr....You sound cold! We have unusualy sultery humid weather...ick!
    Love the wreath....Are they pomegrantes?
    Got your card today! xoxo....Mine are still to come so late!

  5. I see it this way. You could be home here in east Tn. and be cold. (27 degrees)
    You could be in Williamsburg, be just as cold and be having a blast!!!!
    Mount Vernon. Really?! Love that too :)
    Thanks for the update!
    xo, misha

  6. LOL! We weren't prepared either for 22 yesterday morning here in warm, sunny Florida. Enjoy Mt Vernon today, and have a safe trip home. ((((hugs))))

    P.S. Another gorgeous wreath! I love it!!!

  7. Ohhhhhhhhhh gorgeous!!!

    'Tis very cold around these parts too. Eeeek! Hope you "soldier on" and have a wonderful [though chilly] trip.

    Gentle Winter hugs...

  8. Sounds wonderful Donna!! Glad you are having fun. I've never been but love anything that has to do with history...go buy yourself a warm sweatshirt!! Haha...we're in the teens here...I need warmth...LOL Have fun!

  9. It's been very cold here too, Donna, and the folks in Knoxville are digging for mittens and scarves! Up in NC they've already had snow! LOLOL I like being able to stay home and wear Christmas socks and warm snuggly clothes. Get home safely! Marty has the homefires burning!

  10. Oh my adventurous friend. How I've missed you so! Your card made it's way to me and it's so beautiful. Love the polar bear. Your cards are always so nice!
    It's been crazy busy here and I probably won't be getting to do all the extra fun things that I usually do this holiday season but I do have a new home and that's enough for me.
    Have a fabulous day!

  11. looks beautiful!!!! Christmas decoration overload? well...i guess maybe someday i might get there but not yet :-)...although my husband hits that place every year! haha

  12. The wreath and swag are beautiful! I'm glad you had a happy time while away on holiday.


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