December 15, 2010

Williamsburg Christmas Decorations

Can you believe that it’s only 10 days until Christmas? With all the rush-rush of holiday activities going on right now, it’s time for a little merriment! It’s time to see more of the creative decorations that adorn Colonial Williamsburg!

How do you like this stunning wreath comprised of a wheat base, colorful strawflowers, and a few sunflowers? This color combination is especially vibrant on a dark teal door.

The history of their famous Christmas decorations begins in 1936 and has evolved over the years. Colonial Williamsburg gardeners make the decorations for the shops and buildings open to the public. Natural materials are emphasized. The use of fruit would have been greatly frowned upon back in the day of our colonial ancestors because of  scarcity and cost. But it is frequently seen in the Williamsburg style.

A minimal approach to accent pine greenery gives a statement of simple elegance. Shadows dance in the early morning light of this doorway. Bittersweet and whole oranges provide effortless accents.

Decorations are also not limited to wreaths and pine roping. Greenery bouquets are frequently seen tucked into corners of windows, nestled between a painted shutter and a candle light.

There are about 85 residents in the village area, and they participate in a judged decorating contest. A total of six blue ribbons are awarded, with four presented to individuals that made the creations themselves and two presented to professionally created displays. The judging criteria consider creativity and use of authentic materials.

Some of the displays are quite inventive! This one consists of an inner ring made of coffee beans and ceramic coffee mugs.

And architectural features are not left out of the show. Here a porch pediment is bejeweled with a russet-colored arrangement of dried flowers, pine cones, and dried orange slices.

I hope you enjoyed this little jaunt with me!  I’ll have another post in a few days to show you more examples of classic Colonial Williamsburg decorations!


  1. I looked at these on your Flickr stream. Just stunning. I have to say my favorite of all is the window decoration, but I'm partial to that coffee bean and mug wreath too! What fun they have with their materials! And so beautiful your pictures. Merry Christmas, luvvy!

  2. Did you take some classes learning how to make these? They are amazing...

  3. Absolutely lovely!!! Only 10 days... Oh my...better get going on decorating!!
    PS Be sure to enter my GIVEAWAY!

  4. Love the Color!! I bet they were beautiful to see...Especially like the coffee bean ring.
    Can't wait for more photos sweetie!
    10 days...SO glad all I have left is to finish up on Hubby's....
    Happy night Girl!

  5. These are neat. There are some really nice wreaths out there.

  6. awesome decorations. I especially like that last one. It's gorgeous.
    It is hard to believe how fast Christmas is sneaking up on us

  7. WOW!!! They are just so lovely,unique but yet simple!

  8. I LOVE that wreath in the first picture. Going through Old Deerfield here the decor is similar in that it's very basic without all the glitz and lights we tend to nowadays.

  9. classy! the mug wreath is very original. really adore it (well all of them are amazing)

  10. Mmmm, I can almost smell the fragrances from here.

  11. How fun and pretty! Thanks for sharing (and expanding my horizons, lol)... I like the lemon & pomegranite (sp?) corner bouquet the best of those shown here. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Hugs!

  12. beautiful....just wish i could go outside and gather greenery and get creative!!!! thanks for sharing!

  13. Wow, they are each beautiful in their own way. I can't choose a favorite, love them all and you for sharing. Ten days? I'm not ready. :)

  14. what lovely colors and interesting pieces..gorgeous! thanks!


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