February 24, 2011

Annual Mammogram

Warning! Shoo the children and small domestic animals away from your computer and out of the room! Shield your eyes if you think your delicate sensibilities might get bruised! Later on in this post, I will show an old advertisement for a bra.

I finished up my work week none too soon. Tomorrow I get my annual mammogram. It’s time to make sure that my girls are healthy! I hope that you get your annual checkup too, if you are of the female gender. Please call and make an appointment if it has been more than a year! Promise you will? Girl Scout’s honor?

When you are as ancient as me, you will recall the bizarre advertisements they used to have for bras. For such a button-up and conservative time period, it was amazing that magazine readers would routinely get a visual assaults of the latest underwear fashions.

For a creep-out session, do a Google image search like I did for “vintage bra advertisements”. Keep tissues and disinfectant handy! The styles were hideous back in the day. And it seems that the models always looked a little bit crazed, as if they were excited beyond belief that their girls were secured with a 10-pound combination of industrial strength fabric, wiring, and elastic, all carefully crafted into cone-like support structures.

This model looks especially pleased to be wearing her Maidenform bra while she does a little target practicing in the Wild, Wild West. Yikes! What exactly were those advertising folks thinking back then?! I hope this doesn’t give you nightmares tonight, LOL!



  1. Bawahaha! I bet the men liked it...men like any female with a gun, somehow! Just had the girls checked last month, my friend, all was okay.

    Glad you keep it up and thanks for the reminder, you do a service to your fellow ma'am's!

  2. Now that's some advertisement! Got my girls checked in December. One needed a 2nd look, but all was well after a few more dollars to the facility in January!

  3. Oh yes, I get my annual and lately, more than annual. Daughter is a breast cancer survivor.

    I truly am *grateful,* that I've lived long enough to have worn those "circular stitched cups"! NOT! But I did!

    Just rent some 50's movies and seeeeeeeee them, in all their technicolor and pointy glory! LOL!

    What were they thinking of? But we were stupid enough to wear them. :-(

  4. Thanks for a posting idea!

    I could take some pics of old pics of me... Back when I was in college and tiny and had those pointy things sticking out, loud and clear, under my sweaters. LOL!

  5. This year the hubby is going with me to mine. I told him he needed to see why I'm always in a bad mood afterwords. Can't wait for him to see what happens to the girls during one.

  6. Someone could loose an Eye!!!Hahahaaa.....I remember these Well!
    And no, I haven't had one in 5 yrs...Mammograms can not reveal what a sonagram can...and I'm SO tired of getting xrays at every Dr I visit. You also have to be careful of the labs getting pushed to "meet their quotas". False/positive results are a real problem! Get a Positive? Reconfirm with Another lab! Scary stuff out there!
    Happy Weekend Girl!
    I know...I'm a nut...old nurses are the Worse!!Hahaaaa

  7. Well, that Donna, she beat me to it! I was gonna say those things could do a lot of damage! I haven't had one in a number of years, but need to. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. Those cups remind me of something Madonna wore at once! I can't imagine what those looked like with clothes on! I'm not due for my lady part checks for another three months! Got a fun urology appointment on Monday, though!

  9. Now I feel like such a wimp because I'm just too darn chicken to get one. I think my sister in law scared the crap out of me by telling me that the smaller you are they worse it is and I'm one of those barely there kinda gals...lol
    That advertisement made me laugh

  10. LOL love the bra and I stay on the search for a comfortable one.

    I actually need to reschedule the mammogram I cancelled. It is on my list of things to do, but thank you for the kind reminder :)

  11. I am pretty sure those bras were where they came up with the idea for snowcones. Hehehehehe.

  12. Wow, the only gun isn't in her hand, those girls look dangerous.
    I have my annual on my "to do" list, thanks for the reminder.
    Thank you also for visiting with me and entering my giveaway. I'm coming back to see what you're up to.


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