March 4, 2011

Grizzly Bear Series, Part 5 – Dipping and Dunking

Ah, my work week is over! I can finally relax a bit and also update my blog. So let’s see some more grizzly bears we encountered on our British Columbia trip last year! OK? This time I am featuring images of them dipping and dunking themselves in a cold mountain river.

This handsome fellow looks like he is sizing me up and trying to decide if I taste like fish! Ha-ha, I was safely standing up in the bear viewing station, so I wasn’t worried a bit. I introduced you to this area and showed pictures of the viewing station in the first post of this series. I even showed a picture from the perspective of where this bear was located in the river!

This was one of my favorite bears because he was so photogenic. I particularly love his face here because he reminds me of a soggy dog at bath time. Water is cascading off his chin, and there is even a trace of a smile!

This one was not fishing, but just crossing the river. Why? To get to the other side, of course, LOL!

Here’s another one caught in the act of a “bear paddle”!

I adore the look of intensity on one bear, looking for fish to swim past him. Do you see how his left front paw is poised in the water, right below his head?

This guy found a deep spot near the riverbank to sit and rest a little bit.

And this grizzly gave me a stunning portrait that I will remember always! What a beautiful teddy bear face!

I will wrap up this series next week. You won’t want to miss it!

P.S. I used a Nikon D90 for these photographs and a Nikkor 18-200mm lens.  I also digitally enlarged and cropped some of the images.


  1. I love these pictures! I know some people are so afraid of the bears, but they are truly adorable!

  2. Great pictures. The one with his paw posed to catch fish is pretty cool!

  3. Amazing pictures. What awesome creatures they are.

  4. I love the second one and the last one. Fantastic captures.

  5. Looking at them again I noticed the string of water coming from his mouth in the last one. I love it when that happens.

  6. Great shots as Usual Miz Donna!!
    I love them all and glad you didn't smell fishy!Hahaaa.....
    Seriously, these are beautiful!

  7. Goodness how close are you? These are all great.

  8. Promise me that next July on some wicked hot day, you'll post these cooling images again? There'll be nothing like them for cooling refreshment. I'm feeling a bit chilled and had to grab a sweater. :D

    You're right! Such adorable faces.

  9. -frown- Don't care if he is cute. He's still SCARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY! -pout-

    *Chicken* Auntie


  10. They are beautiful creatures. Love the one with his paw ready to strike the next fish that passes by.
    Always love your pictures.

  11. What a great job you have done in capturing these magnificent animals! These photographs are superb! You should sells these to some wildlife magazine or some one.

  12. Donna, you must have the most amazing camera (compared to my little point & shoot)because those bears look like they are no more than 2 feet from you! haha

    So you are teasing me with the fact that while we are still snow covered, you are wearing short sleeve shirts. I may just have to pay you a visit, real soon, if our weather doesn't start warming up in a hurry!!!... Donna

  13. those photos are just AMAZING....what kind of camera and lens are you using? awesome!!!

  14. Hi Donna, Thanks for coming to my blog. Hub and I are retired and live not far from you in Fairfield Glade near Crossville. We love to travel, to hike (find waterfalls), garden --flowers and roses, and I love birding and Genealogy...

    I do want to go back to Williamsburg.. There is so much of my Ballard history there... It's so exciting....

    I love your bear pictures... He certainly was enjoying that water, wasn't he????


  15. Your pictures are really wonderful, and it brought a smile to my face seeing how much these bears are enjoying the water. :-)

  16. Great photos as usual Donna. Thank you for sharing them with me. I am not likely to ever go bear hunting. Actually I am ever so happy to just look at yours. ;-)
    That last pikkie is a great one.

  17. Amazing, Donna! I'd love to see the bears like that... from a safe distance, of course!

    I'll be emailing you again in a day or so... :)

  18. These are amazing, Donna! The comparison to a wet dog even applied to the one sitting on the side, in my eyes. Beautiful creatures and I agree, these are magazine worthy!!

  19. Donna, these pics are amazing!!! Some look like they came straight out of National Geographic!! Love them!!

  20. Their beautiful faces are truly amazing, Donna. So expressive and intelligent! Your pictures are stunning. I love that you share them so freely with us.


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