May 22, 2011

On a Mission to "Embiggen"

In this day and age of supersizing, I am declaring myself on a mission to “embiggen”. This quaint slang word means to make larger in size. So what exactly do I intend to embiggen? 

Photos, my dear readers. Last year, I started to use Flickr for loading and linking my finer photos. This was right after I modified my blog’s main column to show bigger photos. 

And now that I have a pro membership with Flickr, I’m going a step further. I will be loading bigger photos on Flickr. So when you see one of my special pictures (not an everyday snapshot), you will be just a click away from seeing it in a larger size. I won’t be going back and resizing all of my past pictures. That would be hugely time consuming to load up replacement photos and repair web links. So this practice is just from here on out. 

Embiggen. Marty says it’s a good thing for photos…


  1. I love you! You and I both love big pics. :-)))

    Now naturally, I don't understand all the things you do, with your blog. You are way, way ahead of me. But I do know how to change the size of parts of my blog, even just with Blogger. What an amazing day that was, when I DISCOVERED how to do this. -giggles-

    See, everything with me, is trial and error. Not the most proficient way to do things. But it does make for a surprise and for fun, when I *discover* something. :-)))))))

    And of course, that is a simply stunning photo of the horsie!


  2. What a Horse! He's a Beauty Girl!
    Marty is SO intelligent! What a Rabbit!
    I LIKE EmBiggen...The Bigger, the fact, I noticed and have played with, the new Blogger have a Photographers template I've been playing around with on my test blog, MadeinHeaventoo... The only trouble with it is, it puts ALL your sideroll stuff at the bottom...Oh well...choices!Hahaa

  3. Embiggening ( is that even a word?) will only make your gorgeous pictures more gorgeous!

  4. What a great word "embiggen." And I felt as if I could reach right out and pat that beautiful horse's nose. Wonderful!

  5. Marty is a wise one. It's been a joy to see your pictures here and now to see them embiggened, well all i can say is WOW. That picture of the horse is great.

  6. He's such a handsome animal! Wonderful shot of him Miz Donna.

  7. Beautiful picture of the horse. I tried taking some pictures of some local cows without much success. Just couldn't get the right angle. Perhaps because I am too short. Love seeing what you do with all your photos.

  8. I could see every hair on that horse's body. Wanted to grab a brush and groom him. Fabulous!!

  9. I adore embiggen ... both the word and the concept. Size does matter.

    I wish I knew how to put a photo on my blog and, when somebody clicks on it, make it REALLY BIG. Can't seem to figure it out. Do you know how?

  10. I like the thought of you embiggening all your special photos!

    Wow, the multi-colors on that horse are just gorgeous and very unique. I don't think I've ever seen colors like that on a horse! Really nice!


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