May 26, 2011

Timeless Taos - Adobe Walls and Red Door

I had a perfectly miserable working day. I need a little good cheer. You probably do too. How about another photo of timeless Taos, New Mexico? Yes, I thought you would like that idea! 

I found the texture of adobe to be irresistible for photo opportunities. So you could see it clearly, I emphasize the texture of this Pueblo home during the digital processing. The rustic door also provides a nice pop of color.

Authentic adobe buildings are made of from real adobe. A combination of earth, straw, and water are mixed and poured into brick forms. After they have a chance to dry in the sun, the bricks are then stacked and bonded together with more adobe mixture. The walls are frequently several thick feet thick! Interior walls are coated with washes of white earth to keep them bright and clean. Because of the wear and tear from seasonal weather conditions, the exteriors are plastered every year with more adobe.


  1. I'm really enjoying these posts! You take wonderful photos to share, too! Hope your day tomorrow is better! ♥

  2. That texture is a very good one. May I snag a corner of it? I knew nothing about adobe so found this interesting. Thank you for the lesson. Hope tomorrow is a better day at work.

  3. Very cool! And I love the contrast of the red door.
    I hope you have a better day today my friend!!

  4. Gorgeous! Love that pop of red!

  5. There is absolutely positively nothing like a red door. I love this.


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