September 14, 2011

Grand Scenics of Alaska - Denali Foothills

I appreciate all the terrific comments on my last post about photography. It looks like the topic really hit a chord and even raised some additional questions! Rest assured, I plan to do more posts about photography once I get back in retirement mode. It will probably be none too soon for you and me. 

In the meantime, I need to finish up this photo series and there are a few more posts to go! Tonight, I am going to share a few scenes around the foothills of Denali National Park. Though the weather wasn’t the best when these were taken, you can still appreciate the stark beauty of this wilderness landscape and the expansive tundra.

There is a dramatic contrast between the green vegetation and jagged mountain peaks. The misty fog gives the scene a bit of a mysterious edge. 

Ice and snow have already melted off of these lower mountains, so meandering streams are sometimes reduced to a trickle. 

During our ride to the lodge, we were delighted to see a little waterfall next to the road, cascading over mossy rocks and surrounded by hearty shrubs and colorful wildflowers. 

And we got a rare glimpse of these rugged foothills from the air too, marveling in nature’s texture.


  1. gorgeous photos. I love the waterfall

  2. It's so rugged and so green and I'm so surprised that the snow had melted. I don't think it's melted in BC yet.

  3. That is beautiful country isn't it? All the contrasts of color and landscape is just stunning.
    I've really enjoyed this series my friend. Hate for it to end.

  4. I believe the last one is my favorite! Of course they are all beautiful :)

    My brother and his gf gave me a big speech on digital photography and offered to teach me PhotoShop LOL. He is a videographer/editor and she, a graphic designer. They's the way to go, Deb.

    We'll see:)

  5. Beautiful as always. I love both water photos a lot... the lazy river and the cute waterfall, both are so nice. Hugs, Jackie

  6. "Cottage Days & Journeys" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.

  7. So beautiful, Donna!

    I've missed you, and your wonderful photography!



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