February 4, 2012

Photo Challenge: Memories

Memories of Moments

Snippets of captured moments are committed to our memories. 

They are mental snapshots to remember a feeling, a person, a creature, a place, or event that stirred our souls. 

Normally tucked away for safekeeping, they are roused when our reflecting spirits wake them from slumber. 

Some memories are vast. 

Some memories are trifling. 

Some stand in the out in the colorful light of joy, allowing our hearts a youthful skip. 

Some recede into the hushed shadows of sorrow, causing our hearts a mournful sigh. 

Examined closely, each one’s character has unique texture and substance. 

A few are wistfully embellished. 

Linked together, they collectively transform and meld into a single vision. 

The composite represents the enduring beauty of a life. 

Personal. Treasured. Timeless.

This post was created for the Brenda Photo Challenge. The subject is “memories”. The flower in my photo represents the many pieces of our memories and the beauty created when all of those fragments are assembled. This particular bloom was one of many in a surprise bouquet from my sweet husband in early January. (May I never take him for granted!) The camera settings for the image were ISO 800, f/14.0, and 1/25 second. 

We are very thankful to see Brenda, our dear friend, resume the photo challenge and return from her absence after the loss of her husband last fall. I hope that you will visit the other participants and cheer them on in their photographic endeavors!


  1. What delicious prose, my dear! It is inspiring and comforting. The photo is just the icing on that cake. How wonderful that Brenda is again hosting this challenge. I enjoy seeing them throughout Blogdom.

  2. Donna, what a beautiful shot. Thank you for sharing a memory in time.

  3. So very beautiful! This may be one of my favorite of your photo's, Donna. You never cease to amaze!

    Have a happy, blessed day. ((hugs))

  4. How profound and peaceful your words are and your photo, as usual, outstanding. Thank You indeed to Brenda for resuming the challenge, our thoughts and prayers have been with her throughout this troubling time.

  5. Your memory photo is awesome and so is your friendship.

    I love your header!

  6. Your words and photo are amazing! I'm like Sally - you never cease to amaze us!

  7. Beautiful words to a beautiful memory. Love the flower, and yes, I too try never to take my husband for granted!

  8. Gorgeous - the photo and the memories! Love this photo challenge. Thanks to Brenda for 'going' again after her loss.

  9. Great picture and reason for using it. I love your site. Thanks for sharing.

  10. you take the best pictures !
    not to mention the effortless writing. 'priceless'
    how've ya been?
    obviously, i have been hibernating. trying to work on that -- again.
    hope you have a happy day!

  11. Perfection...the words, the photo and your sweet comments about Ms. Brenda ♥♥♥

  12. your description of memories is quite captivating and your photo is lovely.

  13. Both with words and your image you nailed it Donna!

  14. Seriously Donna, that was beautiful. The picture is perfect as well.
    Giving you a hug today!

  15. OhMyWordBeautiful!!!!!
    Your photos are Always memorable Miz Donna! And please tell hubby, Thanks for the "memory"! It made a gorgeous shot!
    Your words are so True! Loved it!!

  16. Absolutely stunning. I can't stop looking at it.

  17. A BEAUTIFUL photo and lovely sweet sentiments!!


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