March 31, 2012

Katmai Brown Bears - Walking the Marshlands

It’s time for another photo installment of Alaskan brown bears! 

The Brooks Camp area of Katmai National Park has three observations platforms for visitors to watch and photograph the bears. The one closest to the lodge is the lower river platform. The area is where the Brooks River drains into Naknek Lake. Photos in my January 18 post showed you this great vantage point. 

The concentration of bears at the marshlands below the lower river platform is much less than at the falls. So photographers get to practice patience. But the beautiful setting makes the wait worthwhile! 

The bears that frequent this area are smaller and appear to be younger bears that can’t compete with the big ones at the falls.

Some linger, searching for any fish that may be meandering in the shallows. 

Others quickly pass through, intent on getting to their intended destinations. 

And a few are downright cute!


  1. your photos are calendar worthy shots! just gorgeous, donna!

  2. Yes they are downright cute! How awesome to see them in their natural habitats!

  3. Does that bear have a dowager's hump? This seems like a nice place for the older bears to hang out, too. A "Shady Acres" of sorts...

  4. Great photos as always. They look thin? is that just my imagination?

  5. Beautiful photos of the brown bears, Donna... I guess those 'younger' (smaller) ones are smart to find their own 'area' where they can search for fish.... Great set of pictures.

  6. Loved these photos Donna. And they are cute in their own bearish kind of way!

  7. I have LOVE this series Donna! I'll Also bet there will be Retirement #5,6 and 7...Hahaaa...
    Just Enjoy it!!!

  8. Oh Donna, what can I say? Again, fascinating. Not to speak of the photography. What a talented writer you are. You always get me to thinking. :)

    I admire you for being one who was able to "practice patience".

  9. They're adorable, Donna. I just want to hug and kiss them. They probably wouldn't appreciate the sentiment unless I brought them some fish!


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