April 6, 2012

Katmai Brown Bears - Walking the Paths

I thought I would be blogging by now about the new retaining wall around our front flower bed. Wrong! The project is apparently being delayed because of rainfall this week and sudden work that our former builder has required of the landscaping company.

So that means you’re going to see some more photos of bears! (As if I need much of an excuse.) The lower river platform at Brooks Camp was an ideal spot for “bear watching.” Many times, the bears didn’t wander into the water, but merely passed through on their various footpaths and man-made roads.

This one was circumventing the marshlands and briskly walking in an area with a lovely backdrop of blooming wildflowers.

Our furry friends often moseyed along a nearby gravel road that twisted its way to a forested area. We saw them coming ...

... and going.

Thanks to some perspective control and a 300 mm lens, it seems like I was actually sitting on the ground when this fella ambled along!


  1. Where were you. It does look like you are on the road. He looks so comfortable on that road, I guess if I was that big I'd feel comfortable anywhere I wanted to be.

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  3. well, sorry about the work delay, but don't mind the bear pics at all! :)

  4. Hi Donna, I always enjoy your bear photos... Like seeing them both in the water and out of the water. Love that first shot with the wildflowers.

    Can you believe that we got NO rain here this week until last night... We finally had about 1/2 an inch last night... The rains just went all around us this week.

    Happy Easter.

  5. I especially like the second image. Great composition.

  6. Stunning photos. And I'm glad you weren't sitting on the ground when that bear appeared. Thank the Lord for zoom lenses. LOL!
    Happy Easter my friend.

  7. Those are great pictures! And those claws on the last picture are something to see!

  8. That last one, I can almost hear him breathing. What wonderful faces they have! And what cute hineys, as they meander the paths. I love bears the way you preset them, Donna ... you capture not just their behavior but also their personalities. That is a gift.


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