May 7, 2012

Katmai Brown Bears - The Rock Sitters

It’s time for some more brown bear photos from Katmai National Park, and these should tickle your funny bone!

Fishing is hard work for the bears.  The water in Brooks River is ice cold and the current is strong.  So every now and then, the bears take a break.  And a favorite place to park a furry rump is on one of the many giant boulders in the middle of a stream bed.

Why do they sit on river rocks, you ask?  Well, the park rangers don't put out benches for them, so they have to make do! Ha-ha! It doesn’t look like this spot would be comfortable, but it sure looks like there is a smile on this fellow!

One particular bear had a special affinity to a rock situated downstream of the falls.  This was one of my favorite bears because it was so photogenic.  Based on one close look I got, I concluded that it was a younger female.  She sat on her designated rock frequently and would stay for over an hour at a time, no doubt enjoying the spectacular view.

And we got some great photos of this bear from the riffles platform. I took dozens of photos of her in various poses on the rock.  Here is one of my favorites where she unfurled her long tongue while yawning.  I imagined that she was saying “ah” in readiness for a throat examination!

And after being meticulously watched and photographed during her rest break, the annoying tourists eventually gave her a headache!


  1. these are just marvelous! love 'em!

  2. LOL! Very cute and you have to admit those rocks do look like a cool place to sit!

  3. Those rocks must be preferable to cold rushing water; although, I'm sure that they are pretty chilly, too. My favorite? One bear on her rock in the midst of a great big world.

  4. Hahaaaa... LOVE these! Look at the one of the lone bear out in the middle of the river! Love it!
    Great shots Donna!!

  5. oh these are wonderful. That bear put on quite a show for you. What a treat to watch her

  6. I love your bears, and especially the rock sitter with the long tongue.

  7. How funny to see them sitting on a rock in the river as if they are just passing time!

  8. Wonderful! My favorite is the one from a distance of the bear from behind. I just love it!


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