July 1, 2012

July - A Look Ahead

Thanks for all the great birthday wishes! It was an easy-going and restful day. I even napped in my recliner longer than I normally do in the mornings, LOL! 

Is it hot enough for you where you live? It’s blazing here in Tennessee and we’re not particularly enjoying it. But we are grateful for the hard workers at the power company for keeping the juice coming to our house, the air conditioners that keep on working, and a lack of damaging storms (fire or otherwise). We may grumble, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not counting our blessings! 

We’re going to be indisposed for a little while, so my blog is going to be a tad quieter. But you can look for a few posts, published here and there, that will share some more of my travel photos with a minimal amount of text. Please continue to stop by and leave a comment or two. Marty will pass them on to me when I am available again. 

I got a new camera tripod and ball head last week! I can’t wait to try them out in the weeks ahead. After much deliberation and enough studying to bore myself to tears, I decided to get a Sirui N-1204 carbon fiber tripod and Sirui G-20 ball head. In a word – sweet! There are so many choices in the marketplace today, and it was mind-boggling to make a decision. I could have easily spent three times the money, but this combination looks like it will handle my current equipment and any upgrades I will get in the foreseeable future. I want to branch out and do some HDR (high dynamic range) photography later on this year, and sturdy tripod equipment is essential. I’ll also be able to easily pop these pieces into luggage or the car for travel adventures. 

We have the re-staining project all lined up and scheduled for the front porch columns, shutters, and corbels later on this month. We’re looking forward to getting that work completed. The woodwork is looking sad. 

I hope that everyone has a wonderful upcoming 4th of July! Here’s a little video to help kick off some early celebrations. With the dry weather, I think most of us will forgo fireworks this year!


  1. I hope you enjoy the week ahead! We are enjoying getting some things done around our house this summer. And who knew it would be cooler here! lol Asheville has been hotter than FL...isn't that amazing? We'll probably get straightened out soon though! Sweet hugs!

  2. Hi Donna, Sounds like you have a great month ahead of you... Enjoy that new tripod... We like ours --and one of the neatest things about it is that it is easy to put together, take down, folds up pretty small, and is not too heavy.... Hope you enjoy yours.


  3. Yes it is hot enough for me here, not much rain either. I'll take it over freezing in the winter any day though.
    Another busy month ahead for you but I'm sure you will be enjoying that new tripod of yours. Look forward to seeing some of those HDR photos

  4. It's "funny" to see the upper states hotter than Florida. We've really had pretty good weather here lately.
    I think we are going to just go somewhere this year and watch fireworks. It's been a long time since we've done that.
    And here's to long naps in the recliner. LOL!

  5. Enjoy your new camera fixings, Donna. Hope July will be a good month for you both. It has only been in the mid 90's here, but that's enough for me to start walking earlier in the mornings. :)


  6. Wow, So true! Blessings Counted!
    Last year at this time it was horrible here...fires, drought...sigh.
    Glad you had a Restful Birthday!

  7. Looking at the weather map you you are sizzlin hot, crazy weather all a round. We are battling fires here in my state, no rain now for 2 months.

  8. Without my A/C I'd be nothing. I don't know how folks ever lived without it! I'm glad you had a nice birthday. You deserve everything nice.


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