November 27, 2012

Alaska Trip - Petersburg (Part 2)

Now that I am back home and settled from my latest road trip, it's time to resume the Petersburg series!

This small fishing town was the starting point of our small boat cruise in July. Thanks to a 4-hour time zone change, we arrived mid-day. So we were able to grab a seafood lunch and explore a little bit of the harbor and downtown areas before our boat departed.

Here is a view of houses along a slough that drains into the harbor. Note the stilt foundations necessary to accommodate tide levels.

The harbor lies in the opposite direction. The area in the right of this photo contains the Bojer Wikan Fishermans Memorial Park and the Vallhalla Viking ship. The prominent building is the Sons of Norway Hall. This lodge has been the heart of the community for decades, hosting wedding receptions, parties, socials, potluck dinners, and other functions. In years past, high school basketball games were played in the hall too!

Framed by a colorful painted shutter, a pigeon found a convenient perch at the base of a lodge window.

Along our walk, we noted a local diner, dressed up with two menu boards and various signs. A rustic bench outside and plants in the window added to its charm.

A local toy shop proudly displayed some patriotic pride.

And along the main street in town, we were delighted to spot an old-fashioned drug store. Its storefront window provides a valuable public service by happily announcing the latest births! How cute is that?


  1. Life is so different there. You have to be a special type of person to live there...a survivor! I love your photos! I need to scan some of mine. They are all in an old fashioned picture album! Enjoy your week! Keep that hat handy!

  2. Your shots are gorgeous and that is such a quaint looking little town. It just seems very inviting.

  3. the birth announcements are totally cute! (and i think your mourning dove is a pigeon). :)

  4. You make me want to go there. So quaint. I love the birth announcements in the window and there is something about reflection pictures that I love!

  5. Delightful! Love all the colors :)

    Favorite is the local diner ♥

  6. These pictures are really special. The first one looks like a water color painting. I love them all. What a cool place to visit.
    BTW, also love the new look on the blog.

  7. What a neat little town... Reminds me of so many of them in Alaska... Love the first two pictures. They look like paintings... NEAT...

    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful place.

  8. The reflections are as amazing as the reality. Splendid shots. I was surprised by the birth announcements. Most new babies have married parents. What a novelty!

  9. What a Beautiful little place to have a seafood lunch!
    LOVE the shot Girl!!

  10. Your photos are so wonderful that I'm about ready to book a flight and leave right away! I holiday love the look of your blog.

  11. Gorgeous scenery. Love the pigeon perched on the window sill.

  12. What wonderful photos and the little town is very unique. Wouldlove to paint the first photo in this post. Keep them coming. Hugs, LenZie

  13. Love this picture Donna! It is truly a beautiful state.


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