February 9, 2013

A Flickr Journey

I decided in early 2010 to open a Flickr account and start uploading my better photographs (i.e., non-snapshots). I also began to link my images from there to here on my blog. However, I didn’t seek out participation in any Flickr groups. Despite my anonymity, some other photographers noticed my work along the way, offering feedback and encouragement. As an added bonus, I learned a great deal by studying their images.

I finally took the next step a couple of weeks ago to actively participate in various Flickr groups. Even though it has taken an investment of time, it has been well worth the effort. It’s been gratifying to get some validation, and my photostream is now being followed all over the world. I shake my head in wonderment of this amazing digital age.

My image of daybreak on Alaska’s Freshwater Bay (below) has proven to be a particular favorite on Flickr. It also won the Amazing Nature Hall of Fame monthly contest for January, so it is currently featured on the group’s home page! I am humbled beyond words.

I deeply appreciate all the support that my blogging friends have given me too! Of course, I’m never satisfied with my work. There is still so much to learn. And it’s exciting to anticipate other images I might capture in the future. It’s a never-ending quest!

Whether you are a member or not of the Flickr community, it is worth your while to check out some of the amazing photographs that people have posted. Participation in some groups is restricted by invitation only. I have found the absolutely toughest group to accept images is Howard and Caz's Gallery. I feel extremely fortunate enough to get six of mine approved for this group’s posting so far.

Just to wet your whistle, HERE here is a compilation of my current favorite images on Flickr. Click on “lightbox” in the upper right area of the screen to scroll through them on a black background. I bet you’ll like some of these too!


  1. i have no doubt that with your talent, you hang with the cool kids all the time. :)

    1. That would be a switch because I sure wasn't considered a cool kid back in the day. I was one of the class geeks!

  2. That the beauty of the cyber world, geeks are COOL! Great photo, thanks for sharing with us.

  3. That is one stunning photo - no wonder it's won an award. I'm glad you are pursuing excellence in the photography field. As you've said, there's always something to learn.

  4. Stunning photo and stunning photos over there...I saw some of Mr. Cottage Days, too. There's a bird who looks like a living pine cone and the starving coyote being followed by a bear, waves crashing on the beach, mountains rising from the mists, quiet lanes in autumn forests...yup, a whole lot of drama going on.

  5. I'm so glad you are getting recognition for your photography because it certainly deserves to be. I scrolled through your favorites and oh my, I was in total awe. Even something as simple as piano keys looked stunning. The one of the Alamao was amazing and, and....well you get what I mean....lol

  6. Congratulations! You deserve to hang out with the best photographers. Your work is amazing! You've taught me a lot.

  7. I like the company you keep. You deserve to be among these artists.

  8. How wonderful!

    Happy for you; your photo's
    are always so beautiful.


  9. I put it in big ... fantastic, wonderful light and color Donna
    good Sunday.
    a kiss

  10. That is a stunning image. I think it may be a new favorite. Goregeous!

    I love flickr. I've let my pro account lapse though. We can't decide if we want to continue with separate accounts or get one and combine our photos.

  11. Well my Dear, for a Geeky Nerd...Hahaaaa...You do COOOOL work!!
    Absolutely LOVE your shots Donna...

  12. Wow, what an absolutely gorgeous photo of Alaska's Freshwater Bay, Donna. Your talent as a photographer has always amazed me. I'm not surprised at all that you've been invited to enter your shots in even the toughest of Flickr sites.

    It's fun to read about, and see, you learning new tricks of the trade also. So glad that you have a hobby that you enjoy so much!

  13. You deserve accolades for your outstanding imagery Donna. Congrats and well done!


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