February 12, 2013

A Personal Photo Challenge Blog - Clarifications

Some clarifications about the new blog, A Personal Photo Challenge, may be in order. The intent of the new blog is not for me to get into the business of providing photo tutorials. I’m sorry, but such a web site is way too time-consuming and it's not my calling. There are already a blue million different web sites that provide that kind of service. And time and time again, I have recommended to my blogging friends the excellent online training classes by lynda.com. The video courses on photography fundamentals are fantastic, and the monthly subscription price is a steal at $25 a month (with no set time commitment).

Also, photography is not a "cookbook" kind of activity. One has to do some trial and error on their own to see what works and what doesn't work for them. I may give a tip or two when I announce a topic (e.g., to avoid harsh highlights and shadows, photograph outdoor flowers on an overcast day or hold a diffuser over the subject area). However, it is up to each photographer to interpret the subject matter in their own style and present the results.

If I happen to find some web information that specifically addresses the subject matter, then I'll provide a link or two. For example, a five-second Google search for flower photography found some nice tips on the Digital Photography School web site. But please keep in mind that if I can do a Google search and quickly find such a helpful web link, then participants can too! Part of the learning process is background research. And it is up to each individual as to how much background studying she or he really wants to do. That’s why the photo challenge is a personal one. You can put in a lot of effort or you can put in a little. It’s your decision!

When the challenges get underway, it would be helpful for each participant to give some details and background information about the photos they present. I have done that in previous photo challenges, including camera settings, such as HERE. Some participants may choose to omit such information, but still wish to take part for the fellowships. That’s okay too!

And there is one last clarification. The challenges will be not be competitions. We’re just going to have some fun, okay?


  1. works for me. Fun is the whole point. If you can't have fun, then why do it....lol

  2. Already put the box thingy on my sideboard!! Can't wait! Should be fun. I Really need to get back to my camera...

  3. Works for me too. We all have different skill levels and a different eye. Should be interesting.

  4. I have a link on my sidebar to the new blog. Will keep on the look-out for further information. I suppose that we could also give our camera manuals a read, too. ;>

  5. It does sound like fun. I need to learn more about photography...I don't really take time to try new techniques! Thanks!

  6. Sounds good! I need to put that box thingy (donna,TX)on mine also.

    Have a great day!



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