March 7, 2013

A Personal Photo Challenge - Reminder

The inaugural photo challenge is this Saturday, March 9! “Black and white photography” is the theme. Please click on the photo link below for details and instructions. You can either sign up to participate now or after your post is published on Saturday.

While it’s fresh in your mind, you might to set up a calendar reminder for participating in upcoming photo challenges. They will be held on the second Saturday of each month. The sidebar on the challenge blog provides a convenient list of upcoming topics. So that way you can be on the lookout for photo opportunities!

Please allow me to reiterate. It doesn’t matter whether you are a new photographer or a seasoned one. It also doesn’t matter if you have a digital camera that is big, small, or in-between. The routine challenges will help each one of us expand and practice our digital photography skills. And we’re also going to have fun visiting with other participants and cheering on their efforts!


  1. Oh I'll be there. Have my photos in a nice little ducky row. Three I think. I'll be sure to sign up once it has posted. Are you getting excited? I am!

  2. Good Luck with your new endeavor, Donna. Bet you'll have LOTS of participation. I'll enjoy seeing all of the great photos.

    Hope this brings lots of JOY to you--like starting the new Photo Blog is bringing to me.

  3. I'm ready...I hope!hahaaaa

  4. thanks for the reminder. I forgot all about it. I'll have to work on it tomorrow after work.

  5. I didn't forget, just pondering what to post. :)



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