March 4, 2013

Alaska Trip - Tenakee Springs (Part 3)

Are you ready to resume our exploration of a little, rustic Alaskan town called Tenakee Springs?

As soon as we walked off of the pier, we noticed the little post office that serves this tiny community. Some flowerpots help to cheerfully announce the zip code of 99841.

Our first greeting was from a self-appointed welcoming committee of one – the resident dog of Snyder Mercantile. After the friendly tail wagging and petting festivities were over, he escorted us right to the front door of the establishment.

Oh, it was a like a step back in time! The proprietor lady made us feel right at home and allowed us city slickers to wander about and marvel at the store’s charm. Like a cocoon of vintage lumber, the walls are bedecked with worn, wooden shelves, bead board lines the ceiling overhead, and weathered planks provide sure footing underneath. A wide assortment of grocery and basic household essentials are offered. Antique cash registers ring up the sales.

A storeroom area is tucked into the back of the building, along with a little business office that sells such conveniences as a fishing license.

We made sure that we bought some provisions to take back to our sailing vessel and thanked the friendly proprietor for her hospitality.

Our next stop down the thoroughfare was the Party Time Bakery. This local hotspot serves breakfast, lunch, and various pastries. Now, when an establishment has “bakery” in its name, then a weary traveler needs to sample it wares! So we sat down at a little table and decided to try the fresh strawberry/rhubarb pie. Me-oh-my and sakes alive. We agree that it was the best strawberry/rhubarb pie that we had ever devoured eaten! The filling was not too tart and not too sweet. It had the perfect balance.

The store also sells a selection of local handcrafts. Before we ventured back into the misty weather, a lovely hand knitted hat convinced me that it should live with me in Tennessee.

With some shopping done and our bodies fortified with some tasty morsels of fresh fruit, sugar, and pie crust (three basic food groups), we were ready to resume our photo shoot!

(to be continued)


  1. Oh that grocery store looks like Pelkeys's, but John says it looks like Sherman's. Bet a lot of folks recognize it! So glad that the pie hit the spot. I'd love to frequent a bakery like that.

  2. Some day, I would love to visit Alaska. But for now, reading about your adventure is good enough. I could certainly spend an hour or two wandering around the mercantile.

  3. What a lovely place! The inside of the mercantile was a wonderful step back in time, and now I'm craving strawberry-rhubarb pie! Lol!

  4. Thanks, Donna, for taking us on your journey with you. What a neat little town. I would LOVE wandering around in the mercantile store... Wow!!!!


  5. it looks like a perfect spot to spend a few quiet, quaint days - in summer. :)

  6. I can't wait to see more! And I've been humming 'Alaska Dreamin' to the tune of California Dreamin'!

  7. Donna
    This looks like the perfect little village to visit. It doesn't look too commercialized like so many of them are.
    I would just love to run a little General Store someday. Or so I think:-)

  8. How wonderful! LOVE the photo's. So glad you guys had
    such an awesome trip. Looking forward to more photo's!

    (One of my aunts owned a general store in a teeny tiny town; it was so much fun to visit!)

  9. I am jumping up and down in my chair!! This photo journey is just what I need. I love every bit of it! I would love to visit that little bakery shop with the deck around it next to the sea. As always your pictures are amazing.

  10. Fantastic shots Donna!!
    Makes me miss those simpler times!!

  11. What a delightfully quaint town! The old store reminded me of my uncle's store when I was a child. How I miss him and his old store. Wonderful photos Donna and I look forward to seeing more of your trip. Blessings. Pamela

  12. The pictures are gorgeous. I feel like I could step right into your photos and be there! and oh! the pie! What a quaint little town.

  13. oooohhhh I want to visit that town. I love the looks of that mercantile. I think I could spend forever in there. The bakery is cute too.

  14. I could spend hours in that store. Love the way it's set up. What a fun bakery, too. The whole town looks charming.

  15. Wonderful photo-logue Donna.
    Love the three food groups!!

  16. Your right Donna- the mercantile (a word I haven't heard in 50 years:) is like stepping back in time. I can remember such places in my own hometown. I love the old look your photos give to the store. Nice pics and post.


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