March 25, 2013

Alaska Trip - Tenakee Springs (Part 5)

This is the last post of the series! As we say goodbye to Tenakee Springs, I wanted to share a few photos of corlorful flower gardens that adorn the tiny community. The cottages here are quite humble, but summertime blooms provide instant decoration and good cheer. Bicycles, the principal mode of transportation, join in with the landscape d├ęcor.

The 2000 Census data for Tenakee Springs reveal that 104 people call this town home, with 59 households and 28 families. The primary industries are commercial fishing, guided hunting trips, charter fishing, and logging.

The town is located on Chichagof Island, which has a total population of 1342 hearty souls. The land area of Chichagof Island is 2049 square miles - smaller than Delaware but larger than Rhode Island. It is ranked as the 5th largest island in the U.S. and named after Admiral Chichagov, a Russian Arctic explorer (who never visited Alaska, oddly enough).

While we were wandering down the dirt path through Tenakee Springs, admiring the flowers and soaking up the character of the place, we made sure that we were also paying attention. The island holds a certain distinction throughout the world. Would you like to guess what it might be?

It has the highest population of bears per square mile of any place on earth, with three per square mile!

After sharing that fact, I know that you will want to pack your bags and move there now!


  1. it is just adorable! but, okay. the winter would be bad enough to keep me away, but the bear per sq. mile fact seals that deal. :)

  2. such a cool area. move there? i would need more info 1st. i want to see it in person. check it out more. awesome!! looks like spring.

    we are getting over a big snow storm. enjoy the week. ( :

  3. Oh I was packing and humming until you mentioned all the bears lol The photos are beautiful they pull you right in.
    My first visit here and already I want to follow right along!

  4. Wow with that many bears it's a wonder there are still people. Love the last shot with the lovely daisy splendor.

  5. I love the snippets about the town that you give with the pictures. Makes it so much more interesting.
    Great pics my friend.

  6. Oh Donna! This place has so much lush character. Great photos! Those were so fun to see. I have missed your posts lately. dang :(

  7. I think this tiny town has a lot of character along with it's bears. Beautiful pics of a pretty town. Thanks for sharing them and the others as well.

  8. ahhhhh....3 per s/m???Hahahaaa....Welllll....I think I'll do it IF You do....
    Love those photos Miz Donna...Gorgeous!!

  9. I have so enjoyed this little town. It's on my list! We are gathering brochures and making plans for the day we can head to Alaska. You have inspired me to keep dreaming!

  10. Such a beautiful place...I think I could live in that second picture!

  11. Hi Donna, One thing I always notice when traveling is that people of modest means (or who have very little) ALWAYS seem to love nature and flowers... Those little flower gardens in Alaska are so pretty... I'm glad you featured them.

    I love it when I travel the countryside in Spring and see Daffodils growing in areas where there is nothing but a field now. I always tell myself that a little house must have stood in that area years ago --and someone planted the Daffodils!!!!


  12. For such humble dwellings they sure do grow some fabulous looking gardens.

  13. You really should consider making a coffee table book of these Tanakee Springs photos. The colors are so pretty and the fact that the residents adorn those worn out buildings with paint and flowers and colorful signs.
    What Spirit those folks must have!!

  14. Hearty souls....that says it all! It's a wonderful place to visit...would not want to live there! Thanks for sharing your fabulous photos! Sweet hugs!

  15. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the cottage gardens!!! I haven't stopped by in a while, so I'm off to see all your other pictures.


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